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Prayers and Entrance WCs and Its Meaning + Latin Version [LENGKAP]

People eat and drink routinely daily to meet the energy needs of everyday activities.

Well of course all the foods consumed will be digested in in the body, then the substances needed by the body will be distributed into the blood. The rest of the substances that are not needed by the body will be discarded. We waste our wishes in the WC dong of course.

Know you as a Muslim there is a rule or known by the manners that we have to do before or after entering the bathroom. Below it will be explained in detail what is adab-adab when entering and exiting WC .

WC Entering the WC

Before going to WC to dispose of wish it is better if we read the prayer first because the place is a place that is liked by the genie or the devil.

 WC Entry WC

WC Praying

After completing the WC:

After the opening of the aurat we are protected by God for our aurat not seen by them. from WC do not forget to pray again, because we have been given protection by Allah while in the WC. Here's a prayer out of the WC:

 Praying Out of the WC

10 Manners in the Ward

When wanting to throw away the wishes either urinating or defecating, follow the following manners: [19659013] Based on the HR Muslim: 517 the Messenger of Allah, when removing the intention, uses a barrier so as not to be seen by others ie behind the highlands or the garden of date palm gardens.

Jabir bin 'Abdillah [19659015] radhiyallahu 'anhu said:

 Hadith Shut Down on Disappearance

2. Do not Bring Objects With God's Name

As Muslims celebrate the name of God makes the heart calm and as evidence of our taqwa to Him. But when it comes to throwing away the intention is not allowed to carry objects by writing God, saying or reading the Qur'anic verse in the bathroom / WC, because that is not the place.

3. Reading the Prayer When The Entrance and Exit of the WC

Before entering should read basmalah, ta'awuzd, and read the WC prayer and then step on the left foot. While out of WC leg that is first step is the right foot and do not forget to read the prayer after leaving the WC. We are encouraged to ask forgiveness of God by saying "Ghufraanaka" (meaning: I ask for your forgiveness) after leaving the toilet.


Based on the HR Muslim: 389 said that when we want to throw away the wish, do not go towards the direction or turning the Qiblah.

Based on the Word of Prophet Muhammad in the hadith Abu Ayyub Al Anshor i, said:

 The Hadith about disbelief do not go back / over the Qiblah

5. Talks Prohibition

According to the hadiths talking while in the bathroom and when dismissal is a hard ban. When ignorance is forbidden to speak, let alone respond to greetings, as it is a despicable act, showing that we have no shame and humiliation. But if in an emergency it is allowed to speak then, Wallahu a'lam.

6. In The Water That Can not Be Disappeared

Based on H.R Muslim: 423 said that it is prohibited to urinate in water that does not flow (flooded water). Stagnant water here is a little or much water. The act is detrimental that it can pollute the water and the person who uses the water is so disturbed. In addition it is prohibited to dump the shelter in the person's shelter. Choose a place that does not harm others.


Based on the hadith of Abu Qotadah, the Prophet said:

 Peristent Hadist '

Based on HR Al-Bukhari: 5199 if one of you clean the dirt / do not use your right hand. According to the hadist H.R Ahmad in Shahih Al-Jami ': 4912 Rasulullah when ablution, eating, drinking, wearing perfume, receiving something and giving something using his right hand.

Based on HR Ibn Majah: 308 in Shahihul Jami ': 322 said if one of you is' do not use your right hand, but use your left hand .

8. 'Minimal 3 Times'

As in [HR] HR Ahmad Ahmad in Shahih Al-Jami ': 375 If one of you wants to beristijja (beristinja'), do it three times

selfless' is prohibited from using the right hand, and should use the left hand. do not stay 'using dry or bogged animal waste.

In addition, if it is' more important to use water', the trick is to rinse the penis 3 times until all the dirt or stool is lost or the repetition is permitted more than the amount odd until clean. ] If there is no water then use the stone, the way to rub the stone slowly do not strongly not hurt the bag that is rubbed with rock, do it 3 times. In addition it can use a handkerchief.

There are three conditions of the substance used as a substitute for water in the following: (a) holy / clean objects, (b) can remove dirt / unclean, and (c ) does not include valuables such as money.

9. To squat as low as possible

When throwing the whims of squatting / sitting as low as possible so the splash of urine is not about the body or clothing other than that our aurat only open a little.

If you are wondering whether the splash of urine of your body or clothing should splash the water on the bag that you think is exposed to the spark. That way we feel cleaner and free from unclean.

10. Reading Dzikir

Reading dzikir when you want to enter or after the WC may be the reason you already know, see the place and the situation. Because we want to seek God's protection from the devil and the devil and women and men.


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