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Prayer Enter & Exit the House and Its Meanings + Latin Version [LENGKAP]

Home is a place to live or a place to rest after tiring activities. Every day of course we do a lot of activities inside and outside the home. Like school, work in an office or elsewhere, exercise, hangout with friends or other activities outside the home.

Muslims are taught from childhood to read prayers before entering or if they want to leave House. Why should you read a prayer when you want to enter the house and leave the house, of course there is a reason, besides that there are adab recommended for us to do, what? Well let's look at

Prayer Entering the House

When you want to enter the house, don't just enter it, besides saying the basmalah which is sunny to do and greetings, read the prayer into the house. The point is when we enter the house, the devil or genie is not comfortable in the house we enter. The following are readings when entering the house:

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When you enter the house, do you know there is a special prayer when entering the house, the reason is that the house has not been inhabited for long, no human activities done in it, there is no longer anyone who recites or recites Al-Qu'an for the glory of God.

So the thing that is worrying is that the house has been inhabited by spirits, such as jinn and demons. Because the poorest house is a house whose inhabitants have never / rarely recited recitations of the Holy Qur'an in it.

For this reason, as Muslims, read the Koran in the house to be blessed, and protect from health. or jinn. Prayers that we say when entering an empty house:

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Prayers Get Out of House

People who do activities outside the home before stepping in don't forget to read the prayer first. Because when we are outside the house we do not know what will happen to us for that we must ask for protection from Allah SWT in order to avoid something that is not good.

Especially when going to travel using a vehicle do the habit of reading prayers before leaving. Reading prayers out of the house:

 Prayers Get Out of the House

Adab-Adab When Entering and Getting Out of the House

The Prophet Muhammad who set an example for Muslims teaches things that make life better and calmer both in physical terms and spiritual. Including teaching dzikir at times that are obligatory, prayers and adab-adab that must be done in daily activities, and so forth. Well when entering and also leaving the house there are adab taught that we do, as follows:

1. Knocking on the Door

In order to be more polite when going into the house, tap the door first with a voice that is not too strong, or when entering another person's house if you have a quiet doorbell several times with a pause for a while. In order not to disturb the residents of the house.

2. Reading Basmalah When Entered Houses

Read the basmallah when you want to go inside. Reading Basmallah is a Sunnah. The teaching of reading basmalah is applied not only when entering the house but do it every time you want to start work. In order to be facilitated and given fluency in carrying out our activities, and always given protection.

3. When Entering the Greeting House

Take your right foot first when you want to enter the house then say hello when you enter the house. As explained in the Qur'an, An-Nur surah verse 61 which reads:

 When Entering the House of Greetings

Sayings of greetings mean praying, when people who are at home also answer our greetings means mutual pray for the salvation of one another and spread affection for one another, get God's blessing.

4. When Entering the House of Prayer Read

When entering the house, read the prayer so that the house we enter is protected from the jinn and also the devil. Pray as gratitude to God for being given protection while outside the house and being given safety to our homes.

Reading prayers when entering a house for some people is also sometimes not done because of a rush, especially when the body is tired of we want to lie straight to bed, so we don't say hello or don't read the prayer when we want to enter the house.

5. Prayer Sunnah Two Rakaat

By carrying out the two rak'ah prayers before leaving home and also after entering home, God willing, we will be protected from all kinds of dangers while outside the house.

This habit may not be carried out by many many people, the reason might be because they didn't have time to rush to leave or maybe some of us don't know this adab yet. The law of performing this prayer is indeed the sunnah, but it would be better if we carried it out.

This is contained in the words of the Prophet:

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6. When Coming Out of the House Read the Prayer

When you leave the house, read prayer, ask for protection from God for all activities that will be carried out while outside the house, asking for protection from things that can endanger us, kept away from those who want mendzalami us, and launched all our affairs.

If you want to travel far ask for safety during the trip to survive until the destination. Step right after you finish reading the prayer. This one is also often forgotten by us when in a hurry. It is not good, even though hurriedly keep reading the prayer before stepping outside the house.

Thus the article about prayer entering the house, praying out of the house and adab-adab when entering and leaving the house that you must know and apply in your daily life -day. Hopefully it can add to your insight, and be blessed by Allah SWT after applying it.


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