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Powerful Foods Antidote Swine Flu Disease

Powerful Foods Antidote Swine Flu Diseases. The number of swine flu cases worldwide continues to grow. Before the vaccine got a lot of things we can do as a precaution. A prominent nutritionist and author provides food prevention tips. What should we consume to consider the following explanation.

Responding to swine flu cases around the world. Provide info about foods that should be consumed a lot. Viruses that enter the body can only be resisted by a good immune system. Immune is closely related to the foods we consume. Here are foods that should be widely consumed because it is very good for building the body's immune to the virus.

Powerful Foods Antidote Swine Flu Disease


Mushrooms are not only favored by modern people. Since ancient times the mushroom has become a popular foodstuff. In addition to containing various essential amino acids, fungi also contain mineral and vitamin fats. Mushrooms when taken regularly can boost immunity and increase the number of natural killer cells. Suggested preparations that can be made is to cook into sauce or as a mixture of vegetables. Delicious if poured as Padang steak sauce or cake contents


Carrot is a storehouse of beta carotene which is useful to help the body's immune system fight bacteria and virus infections in addition to increasing bone mass and strengthening it. Known beta carotene also has a healing effect against eczema skin infection and improve skin tone. Therefore it is advisable to drink carrot juice mixed apples as fruit juice. Research has shown that the more beta-carotene consumed the higher the development of immune cells including natural killer cells. If you get tired of drinking carrot juice you can get beta carotene from Mango papaya Melon and green vegetables.


Pomegranate becomes superfood because it contains antioxidants that exist in pomegranate nutritious protects repairing cells damaged by free radicals make the body can avoid infection including flu. Unfortunately pomegranates are not available all year long. Therefore if you want to eat pomegranate can consume pomegranate natural juice. But remember always in making juice Do not add salt or sugar. Let the taste of the fruit remain original. Other recommended superfoods include blueberries and pickled berries. There is no harm in enjoying berries in fresh condition without preparing the first tasty and fresh taste.


In addition to maintaining healthy live bacteria in yogurt such as lactobacillus bulgaricus and streptococcus thermophilus can prevent infection or microbial intoxication. In other words, eating yoghurt regularly can help improve the quality of digestive tract health. Yogurt also acts as an antibiotic that can kill germs in the digestive tract. Foods that are also rich in live bacterial cultures are sauerkraut (cabbage).

Green tea

Green tea has long been known as a nutritious beverage. The content of antioxidants contained in green tea called catechin.catechin in green tea called Epigalo catechin galate (EGCG) that can encourage the development of special immune cells. Egg in green tea in various studies has been shown to slow the absorption of the virus. Another component in green tea is L-Theanine that proves to strengthen the immune response as research experts mean drinking green tea on a regular basis is very good for health. When you just start trying to drink green tea Enjoy it just a little quick because of its tremendous benefits. Well now you live set healthy foods in the menu every day. Enter the recommended fruits and vegetables above so that the immune system increases and avoids swine flu


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