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Personalise Your Android’s Charging with Cool Charging Animations and Alarm

Customization is Android’s biggest strength, and that’s a well-established fact. You can change the icons, the home screen, the lock screen and even the status bar or navigation bar to an extent. Most Android manufacturers include a built-in theme engine too. Moreover, Android Oreo devices can even be themed using Substratum to change the entire look and feel of the device. Thanks to a new app on the Google Play Store, you can now also personalize your Android’s charging with alerts and animations. While the lack of a charging animation on Android devices is not much of a problem, there do exist some other problems. The app called Battery Charging Animation + full battery alarm looks to address some of those issues.

It’s a well-established fact that leaving a device charging for too long can be problematic. It does definitely affect the battery longevity to always charge your device’s battery to a full 100%. On some devices though, leaving them charging all night can even cause issues, such as fires. In the less extreme cases, some users experience touch or battery issues. If the device could alert the users when the battery is charged, users could stop worrying about that. That’s what Battery Charging Animation + full battery alarm does, and more.

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The primary purpose of the app seems to be to add an animation. This animation will be played during charging. It offers several animation choices for now although the ability to add your own custom animations is not yet present. We’re not sure if it will ever be present. That said, if you look around, there should be an animation for almost everyone. Some of these animations do need a bit of improvement, however, in terms of pixelation and clarity. Considering that this is just the first iteration of this new app, we can expect these issues to be solved or improved upon in future updates. The app also lets you reposition the animation you’ve chosen, resize it, rotate it, and adjust transparency.

Install Battery Charging Animation + full battery alarm

The app works with any handset running Android 4.0.3 or newer. It doesn’t require any permissions aside from storage – for storing animations.  Moreover, Battery Charging Animation + full battery alarm is free until June 2, down from its normal $0.99 cost. So if you are interested, and we’d say even if you’re not, this would be the right time to install it and try it out. Even if you install and then quickly uninstall it, the app is still added to your library of apps, and you can try it later for free.

Battery Charging Animation + full battery alarm Price: Free


  • Cool battery charging animations.
  • Full control over charging animation size, position and transparency level
  • Battery percentage text with charging animations
  • Charging indicator widget
  • Keep battery health in good condition.
  • Save mobile phone battery from being overcharged and being dead.
  • Charge Alarm notifies you with alarm and vibration when your mobile phone battery fully charged or goes beyond or below the level you specified.

Add Charging Animations

Right off the bat, when you launch the app you will be asked to allow storage permission. You can start adding and personalizing your charging animations right away after that. You can even set different animations for AC charging and USB charging. Tap the respective options on the app’s main screen to select an animation from the list of available animations. Below that, you can change the animation size, transparency, and position. If you prefer, you can also rotate the animation. All you have to do is tap on the option that you wish to change.

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At the bottom, you might want to toggle on Show Battery Level. If your screen is going to remain on and showing an animation while your device charge, it might as well let you know how much the device has charged at a quick glance right? Makes the fancy animation a bit useful as well.

Add charge alert

If you pull out the side menu drawer, you can access the app’s Settings. The very first entry here is Alarm for battery levels, which is what we’re interested in. Tap on it, select a battery level using the slider and then select Above. Tap the ADD button when you’re ready and then select Done. You can also let the app alert you when your device’s battery level falls below a certain level by selecting the battery level along with the option Below.

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