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Parrot 4.7 Ethical Hacking OS Released with Linux Kernel 5.2, MATE 1.22 Desktop

Lorenzo “Palinuro” Faletra of the Parrot Security development team announced the release of the Parrot 4.7 ethical hacking and penetration testing Debian derivative GNU/Linux distribution.

Coming more than four months after version 4.6, the Parrot 4.7 release is here with up-to-date penetration testing and ethical hacking tools for security researchers and everyone else how wants to get started with security releated tasks. Powered by the Linux 5.2 kernel, Parrot 4.7 introduces a new sandbox behavior to make it easier to use sandboxed apps.

“In Parrot 4.7 the sandbox is disabled by default, and users can decide wether to start an application sandboxed or not,” explains Lorenzo Faletra. “You can easily start the sandboxed version of an installed program from the /sandbox/ folder or from a dedicated menu that we plan to improve in the future, or you can re-enable it by default by using the firecfg tool.”

Also new in the Parrot 4.7 release is a revamped penetration testing menu structure that makes it easier to access your favorite pentesting tools in a logical hierarchical structure, along with new tools for pentesters. More pentesting apps are available in the official software repositories and even more are coming in the next weeks and months.

Now featuring the latest MATE 1.22 desktop environment

Parrot 4.7 features the latest and lightweight MATE 1.22 desktop environment, which brings several improvements and updated components on its own. On top of that, there’s the latest Mozilla Firefox 69 web browser, along with the latest Radare2 and Cutter versions, and an up-to-date core system from the upstream Debian GNU/Linux repositories.

Parrot 4.7 is available for download right now through our free Linux software portal, but it’s only recommended for new deployments as existing users are urged to update their installations using the “sudo parrot-upgrade” command since Parrot is a rolling release OS. Meanwhile, the team preps to integrate a LTS branch that provides well-tested tools.

Parrot Security OS

Parrot Security OS

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