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Overcoming the VBNET Web Browser Error Script

Overcoming the VBNET Web Browser Error Script ~ This time I had the opportunity to discuss programming categories that I have not updated for a long time, to revive them. I will share in the form of vbnet tutorials in Indonesia because it is incomplete that I have noticed, sometimes it requires me to visit foreign blogs or outside forum communities to help me learn visual studio programming. even though in Indonesia there are already, but not yet complete and still very little for this visual audio tutorial. so on this occasion I will discuss a little about Script Error every time you run your own vbnet program or application. personal browser or own browser on vbnet. no wonder you will find an error in the form of a window box that reads "Script Error" and contains an error message that makes you dizzy yourself. actually this visual studio already has complete features to handle this problem. the property in my opinion is quite extensive if you often encounter errors like this.

We can handle the Web Browser control by adding the usual code with "ScriptErrorsSuppressed" if we activate the feature there should be no more errors if you Play / Run your program. more or less usually the error script on the web browser will appear more or less the dialog will appear as shown below.


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