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Overcoming the Height Logo Attribute Has an Invalid Value

How to Overcome Logo.Height Attributes Have Invalid Value for Structured Data Error ~ Recently I also got the same error when checking the data structure on the blog that I have, especially this error occurs when changing the icon or logo from blog. will cause this problem if you do not replace the logo according to the size used.

Recently, I searched there here on google, no one has ever discussed this. and I aim to discuss it on this blog, after searching in Indonesian blog apparently there is nothing to solve the Logo.Height Attribute problem, but I searched until strayed to an outside forum, and finally found the way, and I will share learning about the data structure error "Logo Height Attribute Has Invalid Value" according to my experience. so for those who often experience errors in the data structure in the form of logos or publisher images I will discuss here.

Both blogger and wordpress also often experience this problem, but in this tutorial I will practice if this error occurs on the blogger platform, more or less yes the same is the way to compile values ​​on a blog height that is given a maximum limit.

If you want to check the Structured Data from your blog, you can check it through Structured Data Testing Tool .

More or less if you click the error will occur an error in the data structure just as below ..

And Will Produce Error In Checking Data structure as shown below

 Logo Height Attribute Has Invalid Value "border =" 0 "data-original-height = "661" data-original-width = "1365" src = "https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-XEqrUiIp36o/W37H_Wk6MPI/AAAAAAAAD4Y/uht4gNNPvIkxzDc9oyhq_QzGku8aZ-fDACLcBGAs/s1600/gwt%2Berror.PNG" tit le = "Logo Height Attribute Has Invalid Value" /> </a></div>
 Explanation Regarding Logo Height Attribute Has Invalid Value </h2>
<p>This error usually occurs after replacing the logo / image on your blog, I mean instead of replacing the logo on the header but changing the logo on the blog profile box, such as the example logo that usually appears when you comment on someone else's blog or comment on your own blog. </p>
<p> If you experience the same error as I experienced, it's just an error in your height logo, so with notes you don't need to add or delete the code. </p>
<p> For handling it's quite easy, just change the value on the logo height or just height </p>
<p> How to handle it .. <br /> 1. Find the Error Logo Code Earlier, the same in your template … </p>
<blockquote class=

2. Change Value Height Maximum Limitation Is 60

Data Structure Tool Will Generate Errors Automatically, If The Logo Has Height Above Value; 60 .. Like the Case Example Above .. Please Change Height To 60

And More or less Will Be As Below:

3. For Testing, Please Directly Replace It On Your Template:

And The Result In Testing In structural Data Will Be Like This:


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