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Overcoming Error Missing Update Data Structure Webmaster Tool

How to Overcome Error Missing Update Google Data Structure Webmaster Tool Search Console ~ Some templates that may lack in putting the complete update script on the blog post, resulting in error in the data structure on Google webmaster tool. some time ago I was exposed to this problem. and all I want to share for those of you who have the same problem as me.

Less or less error is generated as many blog posts as you have, if you have 500 posts then the resulting error will be more or less the same, can be less and can more. therefore to avoid this many errors, you only need to add an update class in the post so that the search engine is more friendly in crawling your blog.

Error Missing Update caused by Google cannot crawl the date or time of posting when you publish a article. some people also argue that by eliminating this post date it will be prioritized in serp or search engines. in my opinion there is a date or no posting date, it's the same. no one is exiled. it would be better if the Data Structure you have is not error and it also indicates that your blog is not in trouble.

Resolving Error Missing Update Data Structure Webmaster Tool

Google Webmaster Tool will detect automatically if there is an error in the structure your template data. sometimes Google also takes time to be able to crawl your blog. usually it will take up to 1-2 weeks. so this error cannot be solved instantly and you also need to wait for it.

If you are currently logged in to the webmaster tool then get a missing update error, it will show an error as shown below.


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