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OnePlus TV listing hints at Android TV, screen sizes, and US availability

The Bluetooth SIG website may have revealed more OnePlus TV details.

We’ve known for months now that the OnePlus TV is in the works, as the Chinese brand joins Xiaomi in transitioning to the TV business. Now, the Shenzhen company’s TV line has appeared on the Bluetooth SIG website, and the listing may have given us a ton of information — including possible U.S. availability.

The listing describes the OnePlus TV as a “unique Android TV,” suggesting that it uses Google’s Android TV platform. This means we can expect popular video streaming apps on the TV, as well as a well-stocked library of other Android TV apps.

The Bluetooth SIG filing also mentions that it’s an LED TV rather than a TV based on LCD tech, and packs Bluetooth 5.0 support. Furthermore, the listing reveals almost 40 model numbers, and it looks like these model numbers give away the screen size and intended markets.

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This isn’t a guarantee of screen size or locale, but the first two numbers are in line with popular screen sizes, while the last two letters certainly seem like country codes.

For example, the model number 43Q2IN suggests that this is a 43-inch model intended for India. There are also model numbers like 75Q2CN (potentially a 75-inch model for China) and 65Z3US (suggesting a 65-inch model for the U.S.).

If the model numbers are indeed giving away screen sizes and locales, then it looks like India will be the only country to get 43-inch models. It also means that the country misses out on 75-inch models, with China and the U.S. gaining them. All three countries will get the 55-inch and 65-inch options if the naming scheme works out though.

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