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OnePlus 7 Pro Stock Ringtones | 65 Ringtones

OnePlus just launched their new flagship killer called the OnePlus 7 Pro. The brand has recently distanced itself from the flagship killer tagline though and for good reason. Flagships always have features that OnePlus devices don’t, after all. Lately, the number of these features has mostly kept increasing. The OnePlus 7 Pro is their response. And making the OnePlus 7 Pro stock ringtones available to you is ours.

Previously, we have also shared OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro wallpapers and also the Live Wallpapers. If you haven’t downloaded them yet, you can find a link somewhere below.

The OnePlus flagship

OnePlus 7 Pro Stock Ringtones

As flagship smartphone manufacturers move over to the $1000 mark, it has left a gap around the $700 mark for OnePlus to exploit. At that price point, other manufacturers offer their smallest flagship with the least features. OnePlus, on the other hand, is rising up and providing a “Pro” flagship around the same price. Instead of copying what the big guys have been doing though, OnePlus went out and created something they can say is their own.

The OnePlus 7 Pro has been made with the exact same approach that OnePlus takes for Oxygen OS. They look around and see what everyone else is doing. Then they ask their strong community and they listen for feedback. Having taken user opinions, they try to put in features that are good for the company and also useful for the consumers. Looking at the OnePlus 7 Pro, this becomes absolutely clear.

It takes a design its sister companies, Oppo and Vivo, have already worked on for about a year. Then it adds a screen with a high refresh rate, like gaming smartphones. In the process, it also becomes the first smartphone with a 90Hz AMOLED panel, allowing them to finally claim an innovation. There’s a better vibration motor like the Pixel. There are curved edges like a Samsung Galaxy. You see the point. It’s a OnePlus flagship in every sense of the word, and not a flagship killer. The pricing also reflects that.

The smartphone is now on sale all over the world at once with a starting price of $669 (₹48,999).

OnePlus 7 Pro Stock Ringtones

The OnePlus 7 Pro stock ringtones pack contains around 65 different ringtones. These contain ringtones from the OnePlus flagship as well as the alarm tones. Here’s a list of all of the ringtones in the pack. You can download all of these from the link provided below. The link will give you a zip file which you can extract to get all of the OnePlus 7 Pro stock ringtones.

  • Amiable.mp3
  • Bell.mp3
  • Breeze.mp3
  • Brisk.mp3
  • Cheerful.mp3
  • Clock.mp3
  • Cloud.mp3
  • Cyclotron.mp3
  • Ding.mp3
  • Dream.mp3
  • Drizzle.mp3
  • Drum.mp3
  • Dynamic.mp3
  • Echo.mp3
  • Elegant.mp3
  • Expect.mp3
  • Fluent.mp3
  • Fluttering.Mp3
  • Flyer.mp3
  • Free.mp3
  • Funky.mp3
  • Garety.mp3
  • Gallop.mp3
  • Game.mp3
  • Hallucination.mp3
  • llumine.mp3
  • Innocence.mp3
  • Interesting.mp3
  • Journey.mp3
  • Joyful.mp3
  • Leisurely.mp3
  • Light.mp3
  • Marimba.mp3
  • Meet.mp3
  • Memory.mp3
  • Naivety.mp3
  • Oneplus6.mp3
  • Oneplus.mp3
  • Optimistic.mp3
  • Penetrate.mp3
  • Piano.mp3
  • Pyxis.mp3
  • Quickly.mp3
  • Quiet.mp3
  • Rhythm.mp3
  • Ring.mp3
  • Ripple.mp3
  • Rotation.mp3
  • Silent.mp3
  • Spirit.mp3
  • Spring.mp3
  • Stars.mp
  • String.mp3
  • Surging.mp3
  • Surprise.mp3
  • Tactfully.mp3
  • Telephone.mp3
  • Tinkle.mp3
  • Trill.mp3
  • Twinkle.mp3
  • Vastness.mp3
  • Walk.mp3
  • Wind.mp3

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