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Objectives, Functions, Characteristics and Types [LENGKAP]

Understanding Advertising

We often find a variety of advertisements that offer a wide variety of products on the road. or when watching TV there is a pause in the form of advertisements that are displayed so that people are interested in buying.

Well, of course we have understood what the ads are for, but if there are some people who don't know the meaning of advertising For that we need to know the meaning of advertising. Come on, see the following explanation.

What is meant by advertising? Advertising is a form of information or message conveyed by a person, agency or company institution whose contents are in the form of products and services aimed at the community.

This advertisement encourages or invites society to buy the product. Usually these advertisements can be promoted on TV, magazines, newspapers, social media, internet sites, blogs, or in public places.

 Understanding Ads is

To better understand the meaning of advertising, we can see opinions from several experts . The following is an understanding of advertising according to experts:

1. Rhenald Kasali

According to Rhenald Kasali, advertising is a message that offers products aimed at the public through a media.

2. Philip Kotler

According to Philip Kotler, advertising is a form of presentation and promotion of an item, service or idea non-personally by a particular sponsor, where the advertisement usually must pay for a media.

3. Rachmat Kriyantono

According to Rachmat Kriyantono, advertising is all forms of messages about a product that is delivered by the media, then financed by initiators who are known and addressed to all levels of society.

4. Courtland L. Bovee

According to Courtland L. Bovee, the notion of advertising is a non-personal communication that is usually paid and is persuasive (inviting) about a product, service, or idea from a sponsor that is published through various media.

Purpose and Advertising Functions

Advertisements Purpose

1. Informing (providing information) This advertising function can deliver information to the general public about a product, whether it's a description and the price of the product along with the use of the product of a company.

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2. Persuasing (persuading) this advertising function can invite someone to buy a product that has been offered.

3. Reminding (reminding), clan functions can also maintain a company's brand to remain embedded in consumer memory.

4. Adding Value (Providing added value). There are three main ways how companies add value to the products they work on, namely:

  • Making innovation improves quality and adds value to certain products and brands by influencing consumer perceptions.
  • Effective advertising makes brands look elegant.
  • More stylish things may be superior to other brands offered and are generally perceived to have higher quality.

5. Assisting other Company Effort (Accompanying), Advertising was only one of the members or tools of the marketing communication mix or team . At other times, the main role of advertising is as a companion that facilitates other efforts of the company in the marketing communication process.

Advertising functions:

  • Informs a product to the public.
  • Attracts consumers' attention to a product.
  • Motivating consumers to act or do something.
  • Stimulating the market.
  • Supporting the business community.
  • Building and maintaining lasting relationships between consumers and companies.

Advertising Characteristics

can be better recognized when fulfilling the following characteristics:

  1. Advertising must use persuasive words or invite others to be more interested.
  2. Messages delivered in an informative and communicative manner.
  3. Using words or diction which right, language that is polite, logical, and easily understood by the community or target market.
  4. Describes a product or how the product works.

Ad Types

 Characteristics of Ads and Ad Types

As we know, advertising has seeped into our lives. However, we do not know which ads are being displayed, what kind of advertising. Therefore, we need to know the types of advertisements that will be explained below.

1. Types of advertising based on media

1. Print Ads
Print ads are advertisements published through print media such as magazines, newspapers, newspapers, tabloids and so on. based on the lane used this advertisement is divided into 2 forms, namely classified ads and column ads.

2. Film Advertising
Movie advertising is a type of advertisement that appears before the screening of the film. Usually this film ad can be in the form of films that will be coming soon (coming soon).

3. Display Ads
Almost the same as column ads, but have a larger size of images and writings than column ads

4. Electronic Advertising
Electronic advertising is an advertisement published through electronic media such as radio, television and internet, sponsorship, advertising email.

5. Company Advertising
Corporate advertising or corporate advertising is an advertisement whose purpose is to build the impression of a company that will later shape the image of the product or service produced by the company in order to be attractive to the public. For example, aqua advertisement which helped create water sources in remote areas.

6. Public Service Advertisements
Public service ads are advertisements that contain invitations or appeals to do something advertised or not. For example, KB ads (Family Planning), advertisement for prevention of dengue fever, drug prevention advertisements, as well as advertisements for family affection.

2. Types of advertising based on purpose

1. Non-commercial advertisements

This advertisement is used to inform, invite, and also target the general public where the ultimate goal is not to seek mere economic benefits, but for social purposes.

Social interests here mean as additional knowledge, produce and increasing public awareness about a matter or case advertised, and looking for imagery in the eyes of the wider community. This type of advertising is usually widely used by relevant government agencies or services referred to as public service advertisements.

2. Commercial advertising

where this advertisement aims to look for economic benefits in order to increase sales of products and services offered. Commercial advertisements can be in the form of consumer advertisements, business advertisements, and professional advertisements.

A number of articles on the definition of advertising, goals and functions, characteristics and types of advertising. Thank you and hope this article is useful for all of us! ?


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