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Objectives, Characteristics & Examples [LENGKAP]

Understanding Entrepreneurs

Do you know what an entrepreneur means? Understanding entrepreneurs is someone who does an entrepreneurial activity. Entrepreneurs in English are called entrepreneurs. In a broad sense, entrepreneurs are those who have gone directly into the business world.

Someone who is said to be an entrepreneur has good and unique ideas and ideas, which can make a product. Not only that, they also have the expertise or skill and instinct to be able to provide products according to market interest, and can do a market research [1945990].

Not only that, he can also determine how to produce new products, can arrange operations management that is useful for procurement of a new product, then can market it and also have to be able to manage a capital from its operations.

An entrepreneur can also combine several factors from production, namely labor, natural resources. equipment and other materials. Not only that, he also must be able to do a process that is often called creative destruction that is useful to be able to produce a higher value than what already exists. Which later is the core of an entrepreneurial skill is creativity.

 Understanding Entrepreneurs According to Some Experts

To better understand what is meant by entrepreneurs, you can see the understanding of entrepreneurs according to some experts below. The following is the understanding of entrepreneurs according to some experts :

Eddy Soeryanto Soegoto thinks that the notion of entrepreneurship is a creative effort that will be carried out on the basis of innovation to produce something new, have added value, will provide a benefit and can also create job opportunities that will later be very useful results for others.

Suharto Prawiro assumed that the understanding of entrepreneurs is a value that has been given to someone rather able to start a business and can develop the business with the goal to reach the maximum potential.

And can advance its efforts to have rapid progress. This will make the main advantage, which will get a margin or profit.

Zimmerer thinks that the notion of entrepreneurship is a process which can apply creativity and innovation to be able to solve problems and also find opportunities which can make improvements in business life.

Ahmad Sanusi considers that the notion of entrepreneurship is a value that can be generated from a behavior which can be used as a driving force, resources, tips, processes, goals, tactics, and better business results. [19659008] Peter Drucker considers that the notion of entrepreneurship is an ability that can create something new and also has differences from other types of business.

Entrepreneur's Purpose

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Entrepreneurs also have some goals, namely as below:

  • The goal of entrepreneurs is to continue to be determined and try to be able to increase the number of better entrepreneurs. It is intended to be able to cadre other people who are candidates for entrepreneurship to be able to build a better business network.
  • The purpose of entrepreneurs is to be able to participate in a development and the growth of awareness and entrepreneurial orientation which are also strong.
  • The purpose of entrepreneurs is to be able to develop a form of creation and innovation with the aim of being able to create dynamics in an entrepreneurship or business world that will achieve prosperity.
  • The purpose of entrepreneurs is to be able to play a role in realizing an ability from a number of other entrepreneurs in order to increase prosperity and prosperity in the community and the country.
  • The goal of entrepreneurs is to be able to play an important role in growing and can also increase an awareness in accordance with entrepreneurial goals that are also solid.
  • The goal of entrepreneurs is to be able to increase their creations and innovations so that they can realize a dynamic in entrepreneurship or the business world which can achieve prosperity.

Characteristics of Entrepreneurs

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Some characteristics of entrepreneurs can be seen below this:

1. Have an honest nature

Having an honest nature is one of the most important capital of an entrepreneur. Where with honesty it will be able to bring an entrepreneur to be successful because he can convey the mandate that has been given to him as a leader of a number of employees and consumers.

2. Discipline in all things

An entrepreneur does not have a superior who has the right to be able to reprimand him if he has been negligent in carrying out the task. So from that discipline is the most important thing when doing any work in an entrepreneurial field .

Where the nature of discipline is also the most basic trait to be able to move enthusiasm and motivation when carrying out a business. [19659031] 3. Innovative and creative

Innovative is a new shortcut from an entrepreneur and an entrepreneur is also obliged to have a new breakthrough and can leave the old way when in a job. While creativity is a capability of someone when creating something different.

4. Commitment is high

You can hold this high commitment, because it is a principle that is very clear and certain when you will start a business.

5. Realistic and independent

The nature of relativity must be possessed by an entrepreneur, which can undergo all the effort he is doing. Independent balance is a trait that can decide everything that has happened to itself. Cannot hang a decision on someone else.

6. Having skills

An entrepreneur must be able to find and also be able to capture opportunities that can benefit his business.

And an entrepreneur must also be able to take advantage of these opportunities, be able to communicate with other people, and also be able to handle all businesses are very well planned, and can cooperate with all parties that can benefit their company.

Characteristics of Entrepreneurs

 Characteristics of Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs also have the following characteristics:

  • Able to act and think dynamically and strategically to change when trying to continue to look for a profit opportunity.
  • Able to know and also control the strengths and weaknesses that exist in the company, and can improve an ability from control by internal system .
  • Able to keep trying to be able to improve a toughness and the ability of the company, both by conducting motivation and working morale.
  • Able to continue to strive to be able to benefit from several advantages that can satisfy its customers.

Examples of Entrepreneurs

 Examples of Entrepreneurs 19659003] Here are some examples of successful entrepreneurs in their fields: </p data-recalc-dims=

1. Bob sadino

Bob Sadino is a man born on March 9, 1939 in Lampung. The late Bob Sadino is also one of the entrepreneurs who is considered very successful in his field. for about 9 years Bob became an employee, Bob decided to stop and he began to expand into the business world.

His business is the chicken livestock business and domestic chicken eggs. After success with his business, he also began selling hydoponic and meat vegetables. Thanks to his tenacious nature, Bob's business was increasingly successful and he was able to establish Kem-Chicks a well-known supermarket and sell all kinds of agricultural products as well as farms.

2. Chairil Tanjung

Chairil Tanjung is commonly called the Cassava Boy, he is the owner of a conglomerate company, CT Corp. And after a while CT Corp finally had subsidiaries namely Mega Corp, Trand Corp, Trans TV, and CT Global Resources.

3. Gibran Rakabuming

Gibran Rakabuming is one of the children of Joko Widodo, the President of the Republic of Indonesia. He started his business from building a business catering to the name Chili Pari. And now Chili Pari has succeeded because it has gotten a lot of orders to thousands of portions. From there, finally Gibran ventured into other culinary businesses, such as Markobar.

Thus was the discussion about the understanding of entrepreneurs and the most important components that are in it. Hopefully you can better understand what is meant by entrepreneurs.


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