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Objectives, Benefits, Characteristics & Examples [LENGKAP]

Understanding Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is someone who conducts business activities carried out independently in allocating various resources and efforts to make the business or business being run successful.

An entrepreneur is someone who is good at arranging his business so that he can run smoothly and successfully. An entrepreneur must have a wise attitude and work hard and not easily discouraged. With high enthusiasm, an entrepreneur can run his business into a successful business.

 Understanding Entrepreneurship

In addition to understanding Entrepreneurship in general, there are also some experts who explain the definition of Entrepreneurship, as follows:

Richard Cantillon said that entrepreneurship is someone who can find new ways or who can innovate and a person who can develop something unique and new.

According to JB Say, Entrepreneurship is an entrepreneur who is able and able to manage the resources owned effectively and efficiently and has the ability to change the level of low productivity to high.

According to Vernon A. Musselman and John H. Jackson, Entrepreneurship (or can be called an entrepreneur) is investing and risking time, money, and effort to be able to start a company and make it successful and successful. So that an entrepreneur is someone who has the willingness to bear the risk and courage to start a business.

According to Mas'ud Machfoedz and Mahmud Machfoedz, Entrepreneurship is an innovator who is able to turn opportunities into ideas that can be sold, so that an entrepreneur can provide value added through efforts, time, costs, and skills with the aim of gaining profit.

According to Say, Entrepreneurship is a person who has the ability to coordinate, organize and supervise. In addition, Entrepreneurs also have extensive knowledge about the environment related to their business and can make the right decision, can manage a number of capital and be strong in the face of uncertainty to gain profit.

According to Syamsudin Suryana, Entrepreneurship is someone who has the characteristics of trust high self, task-oriented and results-oriented, reasonable risk-takers, straightforward, creative leadership in generating innovation, and future-oriented.

Entrepreneurial Objectives

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In the world business, entrepreneurship has a variety of goals with different understandings. Well, here are some entrepreneurial goals that can be known:

1. Can form unyielding attitudes, not despair, high spirits and optimism in society

In living life, the attitude possessed by entrepreneurs is very important to have. Because this can make us as someone who will continue to strive and strive to achieve a successful business goal.

2. Can realize entrepreneurial ability to improve people's welfare

With so much entrepreneurship that is widespread in Indonesia, it can improve people's welfare. Because this can be a good solution to be able to realize the entrepreneurial capabilities of each individual.

3. Increasing the number of competent entrepreneurs and good business quality

The presence of entrepreneurs spread across Indonesia can increase the number of entrepreneurs who have good competence and the best quality of business so that it can help increase business productivity.

4. Increasing public awareness about entrepreneurship

The existence of entrepreneurship can increase public awareness. Public awareness of entrepreneurship is very important so that the community can also participate in the success of the business.

Entrepreneurial Benefits

 Entrepreneurial Benefits

Entrepreneurship has many benefits that can affect life. The following are some of the entrepreneurs who are often encountered:

1. Adding employment

By becoming an entrepreneur, we can spread usefulness by adding new jobs to people who need work. With this, it can reduce unemployment in Indonesia.

2. Opportunity to achieve profit

By becoming an entrepreneur with a business that is run, we can have greater opportunities to achieve higher profits by being offset by the hard work done.

3. Optimizing yourself

When you become an entrepreneur, you will try to optimize yourself. Because mentality and attitude will always be tested with various kinds of problems in the business world.

By becoming an entrepreneur, we can challenge ourselves to find out how capable we are of running a new business.

5. There is an opportunity to make changes

An entrepreneur is people who are passionate about developing a new business. So that with this we can have greater opportunities for change.

Characteristics of Entrepreneurship

 Characteristics of Entrepreneurship

An entrepreneur has characteristics that can be characterized by several things. The following are entrepreneurial features that you can know:

1. Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is one of the characteristics possessed by entrepreneurs. So that we can capture and understand the situation with positive thoughts.

2. Soul Leader

The soul of the leader must be owned by an entrepreneur. This is because, by becoming an entrepreneur, we will become a business leader or business that is being run.

3. Future orientation and results

An entrepreneur must be oriented or forward-looking, looking at the business for the long term. Besides that it must also be results oriented. So that it can determine how the right decision to be carried out.

4. Take a risk

An entrepreneur must be able and willing to take risks of the business being run. Business risk can be in the form of unpleasant things such as losses, business failures etc.

5. High self-confidence

Self-confidence is one of the keys to the success of an entrepreneur. By having high self-confidence, an entrepreneur runs his business without hesitation.

Entrepreneurial Examples

 Entrepreneurial Examples

Here are examples of entrepreneurship in everyday life:

1. Establishing a culinary business

One of the areas of entrepreneurship that is rampant is the culinary business. Exploring culinary business has a great opportunity to succeed. And by running this business, you can already be considered an entrepreneur.

2. Service entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship in the field of services can be done in various ways such as repairs to computers, SEO services, etc.

3. Entrepreneurship buying and selling

In the field of buying and selling, entrepreneurship can be done for example by setting up a shop to sell electronic equipment or something else.

Now, with some information about understanding entrepreneurship it will be easier to understand when you get basic information. the basis of entrepreneurship. Thus you can understand how an entrepreneur should be. So that the business you run can be successful. Hopefully this article is useful for you.

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