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New Apple Ads Highlighting Fun Unlock iPhone with Face ID

 iOS 11.3 Can Use Face ID for Family Sharing Payments

Apple’s new features that replace Touch ID on iPhone X, Face ID, are fun to use. There is almost no passcode to waste time trying to open the phone. Apple strives to emphasize this as a seamless and fun experience through its recently released ad.

The commercial begins with a student who opens his iPhone X with a Face ID, and the ease of opening something with just the face recognition is illustrated with items around the student that are open spectacularly only when he faces his face towards them.

Yet there are few unique things. If you are careful, then you will also find common bugs encountered on iOS 11 in the ad. It seems that this is a PR for engineer Apple, because so generally, even in the process of recording advertisements (which should be perfect) just the bugs are visible. The author of Apple’s technology blog, Benjamin Mayo was the first to notice the bug and did not expect it even so commonly, the bug was inevitable into advertising.

On this bug, the incoming SMS text does not match the animated notification box and makes it look imperfect. This bug is one of the few IOS 11 bugs on popular iPhone X such as the disappearing dock and rotation problem.

However, Apple’s creativity in processing the ad looks unique and interesting. Does this ad make you want to buy the iPhone X and feel the Face ID?


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