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Must Try! 8 Instagram Video Download Applications

Instagram is a social media application that is quite popular in the world, especially in millennials. Instagram is so loved because it has some pretty interesting features, namely we can share statuses, photos and videos easily. Because of that Instagram is very popular with young people.

Surely we once wanted to try to save an interesting video from Instagram. However, we do not understand how, because Instagram itself does not provide features for downloading videos. Here are additional applications to be able to download videos from Instagram.

1. Video Downloader

The first application is
Video Downloader. As the name implies that this application can be used
to download various videos that are played on Android, including video
playing on Instagram. How to use it is quite easy. First you have to
do a copy or copy the posting link that contains the video that you want to
download it. After that, paste it on the Video Downloader application. After that,
the Video Downloader application will do its job.

2. Video Downloader for Instagram

The next Instagram Video Download application is Video Downloader for Instagram. As the name implies, this application is made specifically for downloading videos that play on Instagram. Apart from videos, this application can also be used to download photos that are often posted on Instagram.

To be able to use
This application, the same as the way in the previous points. You simply copy the link
You want and then paste it in the url box provided in the application
this. after that, you will be given three choices namely Download Picture,
Video Downloaf, and Repost. Another advantage of this application is you
can see the download history that you have ever done.

3. Instasave for Instagram

The next application is still using the appendage appendage, i.e. instasave for Instagram. This application is not too different from the previous video download application. even so, there is one advantage of this application, namely its use is not so troublesome. By using this application, you don't need to copy-paste to be able to download videos. With just one click, the video you want can be downloaded immediately. Another advantage of this application is that you can choose the desired video quality. However, to be able to use this application, you must register first.

4. Fast save for Instagram

The next Instagram Video Download application is fast save for Instagram. This application can be used to download videos and images contained in Instagram status. For this application to run properly, you must enable the FastSave Service feature. If it is activated, you only need to copy the posting link. However, you do not need to paste because when you copy the link, then automatically the video or image will be downloaded automatically.

5. IGTV Video Downloader

IGTV application is quite popular with some circles. That is because this application is considered to be quite an update to the Instagram application. Some people have even considered this application to be YouTube's competitor. Excellent feature of this application is can you download videos with quality that we can choose. Another advantage of this application is ad-free so you will be quite comfortable using it.

6. Swiftsave for Instagram

This application can not only download videos or images on Instagram posts. other advantages are as how to download instagram stories . You can repost your friends' posts easier. If you want to repost a friend's status, you usually have to download it first, then you post again, then by using this application, you just click on it, then your friend's post will be directly reposted. to be able to download videos and photos, you need to copy and paste the posting link.

7. InstDownload

The next Instagram Video Download application is InstDownload. This application is not much different from the previous application that you can download videos and images by copy-paste the posting link. Basically this application is not much different from the application that was discussed earlier. However, this application has a fairly small size.

8. FastSave

The last application
is FastSave. This application can be a last alternative if the application
previously did not match your cellphone. To be able to access the features in it,
You must log in first. Unique features of this application
there is a bubble icon that makes it easy for you to download videos and images.

Those are 8 Instagram video download applications on Android that are easy to do. You can read various other references such as list of andoid video editing applications for Instagram how to rotate videos on Instagram and how to cut videos on Instagram . Hopefully this article can provide benefits to all readers.


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