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Must Try! 8 Applications to Hack Wifi Root on Android

The use of Wifi in various places has now become common. We can find a variety of hotspots in various places to hang out such as cafes, restaurants, libraries, even in various hotels to boarding houses also use Wifi as a facility for visitors.

Unfortunately not all Wifi provided can be used for free Just. Most of them use passwords so that not everyone can access Wifi. However, there are many ways to be able to unload passwords that are installed on Wifi, one of which is the Application to Hack Wifi. What applications can break the hidden wifi password? Following his review.

1. WPS Connect

The first application for Hack Wifi is WPS Connect. By using this application, you can turn off all users who use the network simultaneously. Uniquely, this application can also be used to hack Wifi networks around us so that the network can be used without having to enter the password. To maximize the performance of this application, your cellphone must be rooted first.

2. Wifi WPS WPA Tester

The next application is Wifi WPS WPA Tester which has the function to hack Wifi even though it has used a password. When we use this application, the system can connect our cellphones with various routers that have a fairly weak security system. This makes it easy for us to hack into a protected WiFi. Therefore, this application is very good for hacking Wifi. To be able to use this application, your mobile phone must also be in a root state.

3. Wifi Inspect

The next application for Hack Wifi has two advantages, which are not only being able to hack Wifi, it can also protect the Wifi that we use. So, by using this application, we can monitor foreign networks that are seen trying to break through our Wifi network. In general, this application is designed to protect Wifi networks. Even so, this application can be used to hack Wifi networks.

4. ZAnti Hack Wifi

ZAnti itself is one of the next Wifi hack applications. As with the previous points, this application is more specifically used to maintain network security. Therefore, this application is quite widely used by IT security administrators to be able to monitor hacker attacks. However, as with the Wifi Inspect application, this application can also be used to unload passwords on Wifi. Even from the interface side, this application is very easy to use so people can understand the operation. To be able to use this application, you must ensure that Android is rooted before.

5. Fing Network Tools

The next application for Hack Wifi is Fing Network Tools. This application can also be used to hack into Wifi. Another advantage of this application is that it can scan scanned devices on the Wifi network accurately and quickly. This application has a simple display so that users will easily use it. Another function of the Fing Network Tools application is to look at the level of security on the network being used, be able to find out intruders through the network and also be able to overcome network problems that often arise.

6. Network Discovery

The next application is
Network Discovery. This application is one of the Wifi hack applications that have
simple display but has a function that is quite useful to its users. Excellence
other than this application is that it can track in detail which network
is being used on your Android device.

7. Network Spoofer

This application has features
which is quite complete in addition to being able to hack Wifi. Another advantage of
this application is can be used to change the path of the website on
other people's computers only via an Android device. even though,
This application cannot be used for penetration on networks. This application
can work on a cellphone that has been rooted.

8. Wifi Finder

Basically a Wifi application
This finder is only used to find Wifi networks around you
has a strong signal. However, along with the updates made by the Application
this can also be used to hack Wifi, see detailed information
Wifi hotspot spots in the surrounding area, and various superior features

Those are 8 applications to hack
Wifi on Android that you can try. Judging from some of the reviews above,
generally the cell phone must be in a root state. Root itself is a process
takeover of control on the smartphone operating system. Therefore,
You should learn first how
root Android before starting to use this Wifi hack application. you, too
can learn ways
find out the Wifi Password with CMD way
Wifi hotspot from HP to HP or method
check IP Wifi Router on Windows and Android easily. Hopefully this article can provide benefits
for all readers.


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