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Mozilla Firefox 69.0.2 Released to Fix YouTube Crash on Linux, Other Issues

Mozilla released today the second minor update to the latest Firefox 69 web browser for all supported platforms, including GNU/Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows.

Mozilla Firefox 69.0.2 is a very small maintenance update that addresses three bugs, including a crash that would occur when changing the playback speed while watching a YouTube video, which affects only Linux systems, as well as a crash that may occur when editing files on Office 365 websites.

Additionally, Firefox 69.0.2 addresses an issue that could prevent the detection of the Windows 10 Parental Controls feature when it’s enabled. Of course, this issue only affects Windows 10 users. However, we recommend all users to update to Firefox 69.0.2 as soon as possible.

Download Firefox 69.0.2 for Linux, Windows, and Mac

The Mozilla Firefox 69 web browser was released a month ago, on September 3rd, and it brings various new features and enhancements, among which we can mention the enablement of the Enhanced Tracking Protection by default, which automatically block cryptominers, fingerprinters, and third-party tracking cookies.

Firefox 69 also introduces a new “New Tab” page experience for US users focused on Pocket’s content, a new Block Autoplay feature that automatically blocks videos from automatically playing, puts users in control to activate the Adobe Flash Player plugin on websites, and improves support for WebRTC conferencing services.

Under the hood, it also brings JIT support for ARM64 systems to improve the performance of Mozilla’s JavaScript Optimizing JIT compiler, and no longer identifies 32-bit versions of Firefox on 64-bit operating systems. You can download Firefox 69.0.2 for GNU/Linux, macOS, and Windows right now from our free software portal.

Of course, you can also update your Firefox 69 installations via OTA (Over-the-Air) updates. Linux users will have to install Firefox 69.0.2 from the stable software repositories of their favorite GNU/Linux distributions, which should be available in the coming days.

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