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Move Installed Programs And Games In Windows 10

Most of the programs and games out there do not offer an option to select an install location. They are automatically installed in the drive where Windows operating system is installed.

If you have a small SSD or if your system drive is running out of free space, you might want to move installed programs to a different drive which has enough free space.

As you likely know, Windows 10 allows you to move some of the apps installed from the Store, but it doesn’t allow moving classic desktop programs and games. If you move the installed program or game folder, the program/game will not start.

When you need to move installed program or game, you need to create symbolic links for folders containing programs or games. The exercise is not easy without the use of third-party programs.


FolderMove is a new software designed to allow Windows users to easily move folders of installed programs and games to a new location or drive without having to reinstall the program or game.

With FolderMove, you can relocate installed program or game folder in a jiffy. FolderMove creates symbolic links to move folders. Since it’s a new program, the program is fully compatible with Windows 10.

foldermove move installed progarms and games in Windows 10 pic01

Last but not the least, FolderMove is a portable program. This means that you can run this program without installation. The download size is also around .05 MB.

We have tested it on 64-bit Windows 10 to move Google Chrome browser to a different drive and can confirm that it works great even after moving it.

Using FolderMove to move programs and games in Windows 10

Complete the given directions given below to download and use the FolderMove software.

Step 1: Visit the official website of FolderMove and download the latest version of FolderMove.

Step 2: Close the program that you want to move, if it’s running.

Step 3: Run the program on your PC as administrator. Click the Browse button next to the Move From field to select the program or game’s folder that you want to move.

foldermove move installed progarms and games in Windows 10 pic1

NOTE: The program will not be able to create symbolic links or move programs or games unless you run it as administrator.

Step 4: Next, select a new location for the program or game by clicking the Browse button next to the Move To field.

foldermove move installed progarms and games in Windows 10 pic2

Step 5: Finally, click the Move and set Symbolic Link button to move the selected game or program’s folder.

foldermove move installed progarms and games in Windows 10 pic3

If you get any error, please make sure that you are running FolderMove as administrator and also make sure that the program that you are trying to move is not running.

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