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More AMDGPU Radeon Graphics Code Is Getting Ready For Linux 5.3


While eagerly looking out for the Navi/RDNA enablement for the upcoming Radeon RX 5700 / RX 5700XT graphics cards, which should be out soon, in the mean time some other work-in-progress code has been queued as additional material that will make it for the Linux 5.3 cycle.

AMDGPU DRM maintainer Alex Deucher of AMD today pushed the latest batch of changes to their 5.3 work-in-progress area, which is on top of the earlier rounds of changes.

The newest AMDGPU code added includes:

– The AMDKFD compute code has implemented queue priority controls for GFX9/Vega hardware, similar to existing GFX8 support.

– Also on the AMDKFD front is the new compute support for Vega M, the Intel Kabylake-G processors with the onboard AMD graphics.

– RLC firmware handling to support Raven Ridge “Raven1” refresh devices that require some different firmware.

– A new module parameter “abmlevel” to specify the default ABM value for the Ambient Backlight Manager on newer Raven Ridge era systems.

– Switching to using new Heterogeneous Memory Management (HMM) APIs and related HMM work, including NUMA balancing support.

The latest code for testing can be found via this Git branch.


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