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Mir Made Good Progress Over The Holidays With Porting To Debian & Alpine, ARM Mali


Canonical’s Mir display server is off to a good start for 2019 with a lot of work and pet projects being worked on over the holidays by the developers involved.

Lead Mir developer Alan Griffiths shared some of the recent Mir accomplishments for this Wayland-supported display stack:

– Progress in landing Mir within Debian, currently targeting Debian experimental.

– Getting Mir available in Alpine Linux and as part of that allowing Mir to work with the Musl libc library as an alternative to Glibc.

– Last year the Mir stack began supporting EGLStreams in order to work with the proprietary NVIDIA Linux driver. Alan now made progress in getting the NVIDIA driver working with Mir’s EGMDE example desktop stack.

– As part of the UBports’ effort on maintaining Ubuntu Touch, there’s been their work on adopting Mir 1.x by this Ubuntu mobile software stack and as part of that upgrading libhybris and ensuring the Android display drivers continue working with Mir.

– Some basic bring-up work for allowing Mir to run on ARM Mali graphics hardware/drivers. They now have Mir working on the PINE64 ARM single board computer.

More details on these latest Mir changes positioning it for a good start to 2019 can be found via this Discourse post.


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