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Microsoft Talks Up The Concept Of Panes, Tab Reordering For Windows Terminal


This week Microsoft released Windows Terminal Preview 0.7 with some groundbreaking features… Well compared to Command Prompt and the existing PowerShell terminal, but capabilities many Linux terminal emulators have offered for years.

Windows Terminal 0.7 comes with the ability to split a terminal window into multiple panes. Yes, something that has long been available on Linux with different terminal emulators as well as when using programs like TMUX or screen.

Windows Terminal 0.7 also introduces the concept of tab reordering in order to change the position of tabs within the Windows Terminal. Again, every Linux terminal emulator that natively supports tabs can support reordering to the best of my knowledge.

Other changes in this Windows Terminal Preview update include various user-interface improvements, line endings now behave properly when pasting text, and they have worked on more improvements to their new open-source font.

More details on this new release at the Microsoft Dev Blog. While, yes, poking a bit of fun at Microsoft’s Windows Terminal project picking up tab reordering and multiple pane support as we approach 2020, I certainly do welcome and appreciate Microsoft investing more into improving their terminal experience on Windows.

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