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Microsoft Looking For Help From Linux Developers to Port Edge to Linux

Microsoft’s Edge web browser has received generally positive reviews, and has proven to be a worthy successor to Internet Explorer and a solid contender among modern browsers.

In December 2018, Microsoft announced its intention to abandon EdgeHTML as the browser’s rendering engine in favor of Chromium, the same rendering engine Google Chrome uses. In the months since the announcement, Microsoft has worked on versions of Edge for Windows 7, 8 and 10, as well as Xbox One, macOS, iOS and Android.

Now, Microsoft has teased the possibility of Edge making its way to Linux as well. Sean Larkin, a member of the Edge development team, took to Twitter to solicit feedback from Linux developers:

“We on the @MSEdgeDev team are fleshing out requirements to bring Edge to Linux, and we need your help w/ some assumptions!”

Larkin went to say that “if you’re a dev who depends on Linux for dev, testing, personal browsing, please take a second to fill out this survey!”

If Microsoft successfully brings Edge to Linux, it could make life for Linux web developers easier, allowing them to natively test how their sites and web applications work in Microsoft’s latest browser.

Here’s a link to the survey…

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