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Microsoft is trying to bring the Chromium-based Edge to Linux

Microsoft is working on bringing its new Edge browser, based on the Chromium engine, to Linux users in the future. Sean Larkin, a Technical Program Manager on the Edge team, recently shared a survey on Twitter (via HTnovo), asking a series of questions regarding web development on Linux, including how developers expect to install a browser on their machines.

The tweet in question says Microsoft is “fleshing out requirements” to bring the browser to Linux, so it may still be some time before it’s publicly available. Nonetheless, it’s a clear indication that the company is working to make it happen, and it could come sooner rather than later.

Microsoft has previously said it’s considering bringing Edge to Linux, but it’s always been referred to hypothetically, so it’s good to see solid confirmation that work is underway. If you’d like to help Microsoft gather more information, you can take the survey here.

Currently, Microsoft’s Edge browser is already available on many platforms. The insider channels are available for Windows 7, 8.1, and 10, as well as macOS, though it’s still unclear when a general release will happen. There are also versions of the browser for mobile devices on Android and iOS.

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