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Microsoft Brings Windows Defender to Mac

Microsoft is bringing Windows Defender to macOS. Although, as it’s no longer solely dedicated to defending Windows, it will now be known as Microsoft Defender. This is currently only available to businesses, but a consumer version could follow.

While many Mac owners are blase about the risk, macOS isn’t immune from malware

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. Which is why anyone using a Mac, but especially businesses, should consider installing some form of antivirus protection. And you can now use Microsoft Defender on a Mac.

Microsoft Launches Microsoft Defender ATP for Mac

Microsoft Defender ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) is a program designed to protect computers from malware. It offers full threat protection, with the ability to run scans as and when needed. The idea being to make life easier for IT admins everywhere.

Microsoft Defender is part of Microsoft 365, and with more businesses using both Windows and Mac, bringing it to macOS makes a lot of sense. And according to Microsoft Communities, Microsoft Defender for Mac is almost identical to the Windows version.

Microsoft Defender ATP is currently available in limited preview for businesses running a mix of Windows and Macs. Microsoft Defender ATP customers can apply to take part in the preview, with macOS Mojave, macOS High Sierra, and macOS Sierra all supported.

The eagle-eyed among you may have spotted that the third person in the image atop this article is using a Linux laptop. Which suggests that Microsoft Defender will also be available for Linux in the future. Because, just like macOS, Linux isn’t immune to viruses.

Microsoft Is Increasingly Looking Beyond Windows

Microsoft is increasingly opening its apps and services up to other platforms, as we saw when Microsoft open-sourced Windows Calculator

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. So bringing Microsoft Defender to Mac was almost inevitable. Let’s just hope a consumer version is also in the works.

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