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Making Forms for Loading Other Forms VBNET

How to Make a Form Loading to Other Forms VBNET ~ This time I will share a little about the Visual Basic tutorial, for those of you who want to create an animated loading form using vbnet, you are in the right place. vbnet is where we make our own applications or software. in the tutorial on google which is currently very minimal. I am interested in making this article on this happy occasion.

This means that the loading form is a kind of animation effect that shows loading for a while and will automatically lead to other forms. I also made this tutorial in the form of videos on youtube and I put the link right at the end of the post later. but before seeing the video so as not to be clueless please read the description that I explained below below.

The term Form is the form of the program that will be loaded and used as a place / place for your tools to be filled. well, for making loading on the form, the timer is called, this timer will run all functions automatically and does not need clicks or anything unless it is needed.

Now this timer is an important point to make the loading form, because loading form is time and the duration to move to another form. besides timers we also need a tool called the progress bar. progress bar if you just heard it, it functions as a loading that you usually see in games or applications that use loading in the form of progress for example like 1% to 100% which you usually see in this percent form. it is called the progress term as well.

Making Other Forms Loading Form VBNET

If you want to see the complete video tutorial on my youtube channel, you can check it there. And for how to make it in writing, I made it on this blog. You must make at least 2 forms for the trial. for the design, you can create it later on your own according to the wishes of each.

Prepare some toolboxes or tools for preparation, you must make:

  • 2 Form.
  • 1 ProgressBar.
  • 1 Timer.
  • 1 Label.

If It Has Added Its Illustration As Picture Below:

 Making Form Loading To Other Forms VBNET "border =" 0 "data-original-height =" 626 "data-original-width =" 1365 "height = "292" src = "https://1.bp.blogspot.com > </a></div>
 We Focus Edit / Ngoding On Form One Only, and later it will be transferred to form 2, please adjust to the code below. </p>
<p> For Form_Load More or less like this Code Form </p>
<blockquote class=

Private Sub Form1_Load (sender As Object , e As EventArgs) Handles MyBase. Load
Timer1.Start ()
End Sub

For Timer Create Code Like This:

Private Sub Timer1_Tick (sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Timer1.Tick
If ProgressBar1.Value <100 Then
ProgressBar1.Value + = 2
ElseIf ProgressBar1 .Value = 100 Then
Timer1.Stop ()
Form2.Show ()
Me.Hide ()
End If
Label1.Text = ProgressBar1.Value & "%"
End Sub

If it's appropriate, then run your program, it should work, so for those who are still confused as I said before I also made a tutorial on youtube please check my youtube channel, channel name Mohammad Kahfi . I also share video tutorials about web / programs also there and vbnet also exists. I'd better just close this article because I made this article for 2 days. I'll just close it.

Conclusion …
So this article I made, hopefully useful for Indonesian junior programmers. if you record it from the beginning, it should be successful to make the VBNET Other Forms Loading Form. please like and share, whatever comments I will save one by one. thank you for reading and see you again:)


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