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Make Background Photos, Texts, Images, Logos Become Transparent on Android

For those of you who want to make a delete erase, change the Background Photo, Text, Image, Logo, Become Transparent on Android using the auto eraser application is very easy. hello, this time the blogger friend admin will share a little trick on android on how to make the background photo text and writing to be transparent quickly and automatically can use the following application

if the application computer is known to throw the background very neatly and quickly is photoshop, indeed if want good results we have to use the software and until now no one has been able to beat the complete photo editing feature, problems that arise if we want to get rid of the background photo using android is with the help of the application, the applications available on playstore itself are very diverse and many functions .

Of the many applications there is one simple application and it is very easy to use to delete the background, one of which is the auto eraser application. This application is not as complicated as other applications that have many menu features but it is very confusing when we start editing images, below are screenshots of the results I throw away the background photo and make it transparent You can see the picture as below:

The picture above is far from perfect when separating between photos and background, but the application above at least helps us make it easy to edit photos via Android phone. how do you want to try it ?? please refer to the following complete steps

How to Delete Background Photos, Texts, Images, Logos Become Transparent on Android

1. Please download the application first in PlayStore or you can download it via the following link Auto Eraser Background .

2. install the application first. if you open the application immediately, to start please click the start then please enter the image by selecting the gallery or camera, set the image layout and press the check button ( okay)

3. to delete the background select the mode tab eraser. Okay now let's start deleting the background slowly, to get maximum results. You can set the size of the eraser to adjust the image area, and the most important thing in this application is if there is an error we can reverse the image 1 previous step with the method UNDO. please create your own way

4. TIPS in order to get maximum results, it takes the nudity of the fingers and careful eyes in getting a neat background removal method,

Thus the information that the admin can convey, hopefully this trick can help all my friends and thank you: D


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