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Listen, 7 Ways to Clean Dirty Earphones

The use of earphones is now commonly used by many people. The shape of the earphone itself has many models. Starting from the cable plug model to the wireless model. Unfortunately, many people often ignore the cleanliness of the earphones themselves. Because, dirty earphones will have a negative impact on ear health. Therefore to keep
the health of your ears, here are some easy ways to clean earphones

1. Eucalyptus Oil

Who would have thought of Oil
eucalyptus can clean earphones. Eucalyptus oil basically can
clean various kinds of objects, especially objects that are white. For example
course way
clean sticky laptop case way
clean the white laptop keyboard or way
clean the laptop screen with eucalyptus oil . As we have
know that white earphones are easy to get dirty and also easy

For that, you can
clean the cable using eucalyptus because it is powerful enough to lift
dirt that is always attached to the cable. Although in terms of color it will not
as bright as when you first buy earphones, however, this can
reduce the dirty parts on the earphones. The method itself is quite easy, first
prepare cotton and eucalyptus oil. After that, pour eucalyptus oil into
in just enough cotton. Perform rubbing on the cable and also the earbud
until it is completely white again. After that, dry the earphones and later
will be reusable.

2. Toothpaste and toothbrush

Another easiest method is
use paste and a toothbrush in the bathroom. Brush this tooth
very well done to clean the holes that are inside
earphone that belongs to you. The way to clean up the earphone hole is
just prepare an unused toothbrush. Then brush on the part
the holes by positioning the toothbrush slightly to the bottom. Prepare
also a piece of paper as a base so that later it can accommodate a variety
dirt that falls. Toothpaste can also be you
use to clean parts of the cable that feel dirty. The trick is
take out a little paste. After that, apply to the cable and use
a little water so the cable can be clean again.

3. Baby oil

If you don't like it
with the pungent odor of eucalyptus oil, you can use another method,
namely using baby oil. Baby oil can also be an appropriate alternative.
The method is the same as with white wood. First pour baby oil on
just enough cotton. After that, rub the earphone cable and Erabud
use cotton that has been dripped with baby oil earlier. Dry the earphones and
can later be reused.

4. Disinfectant

Disinfectant is a liquid
chemical that can put microorganisms inside inanimate objects. How to use it
is to use a mixture of disinfectant liquid with warm water. Its size
30% disinfectant and 70% warm water alone. Prepare a kind of cloth too
microfiber to be able to clean the earbud or on the earphone cable. On
when cleaning it later, make sure you take care that there is no water
enter the earbuds.

5. Eraser

Maybe you are quite surprised
with this section, but in fact the eraser commonly used for
erasing this text can also be used to clean earphone cords
easily. The trick itself is rubbing the cables on the earphone up
really clean. Make sure you use paper to collect impurities
results of the eraser earlier.

6. Cotton Buds

Cotton buds are wrong
one thing that is often used to clean the ears of various
dirt. It turns out that cotton buds can also be used to remove
dirt stuck to the sidelines of the headset hole. The method itself
pretty easy, first prepare a cotton bud and touch it on the earphone hole

7. Bleach

Another method is to
liquid bleach, you can use this bleach to clean
the earphone parts that start to turn yellow. Although the results are not white
clean like when you first bought it, but looking for this can make cables
become cleaner.

The method itself is
prepare a spray to use this bleach. Put the bleach on
spray that was prepared earlier. Previously cover the earbud first
use cloth or plastic so that the bleach does not get into the earbud. Spray it
sufficiently on the earbud then wipe using a cloth until it is completely clean.

Those are 7 ways to clean
earphones that are easy to do. Care for these earphones is also included for
in an important part that must be done. There are several cases that happen to you
some people like earaches even some other dangerous diseases
only because of lack of cleanliness when using earphones. If the earphone
used today is really dirty and can't be cleaned
again, you should consider tips on choosing earphones
before buying it. Hopefully this article can provide many benefits.


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