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Linux Foundation signs up more telcos to its open networking projects, Open Software

The Linux Foundation Networking Fund (LFN) has signed up a number of additional telcos to its membership ranks, with US mobile operator Sprint the newest Silver member. Following its formation earlier this year, the LFN has also now added KT, KDDI, SK Telecom, Swisscom and Telecom Italia, who join over 100 other service providers and technology companies to collaborate on harmonization across technologies and the development of the new networking stack.

“As LFN now enables over 65 per cent of the global mobile subscribers, we can better see the impact of open source on the networking ecosystem,” said Arpit Joshipura, General Manager of Networking and Orchestration, The Linux Foundation, “signalling a broader industry trend toward innovation, harmonization and accelerated deployment.”

Telecom service providers are increasingly developing solutions and deploying LFN projects within their networks, with ONAP, OPNFV and ODL (OpenDaylight) as critical components to enable SDN/NFV, 5G, AI and IoT network services. The LFN says that many of its carrier members are already leveraging various components and functionalities of LFN project platforms for VNF onboarding, orchestration, service delivery and network reconstruction.

“Open source is a model that works, allowing for very rapid innovation from within a vibrant community,” said Ron Marquardt, VP of Technology at Sprint. “We’re excited to join LFN as we work to make our traditional mobility architectures and software designs more streamlined, efficient, and scalable using a virtualized environment.”

“Open source software is a key enabler for the future mobile operators to quickly introduce new services and adapt to the highly dynamic service requirements,” said Jong-Kwan Park, SVP, Head of Network Technology R&D Center, SK Telecom. “5G and rapidly emerging service requirements are posing unprecedented challenge to mobile operators. To address this challenge, network transformation leveraging open source networking software is underway at SK Telecom.”


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