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Linux 5.2 Is Introducing The Fieldbus Subsystem


A new subsystem queued for introduction in the upcoming Linux 5.2 cycle is the Fieldbus Subsystem, which is initially being added to the staging area of the kernel.

This newest subsystem for the Linux kernel benefits industrial systems. Fieldbus is a set of network protocols for real-time distributed control of automated industrial systems. Fieldbus is used for connecting different systems/components/instruments within industrial environments. Fieldbus is used for connecting facilities ranging from manufacturing plants up to nuclear energy facilities.

The Fieldbus specification has been around for decades while now is seeing a formal subsystem within the Linux kernel. The subsystem allows for devices to exchange data over a Fieldbus whether it be Profinet, FLNet, or one of the other implementations. The subsystem provides a generic framework for exposing switches, lights, actuators, motors, and other hardware.

As part of this initial subsystem is support for the HMS Profinet Card. PROFINET is based on Ethernet and uses TCP/IP paired with specialized protocols designed for delivering real-time performance and the ability to integrate with other Fieldbus systems.

The Linux kernel’s Fieldbus subsystem has gone through over ten rounds of public revisions in recent months and has been deemed ready to premiere with Linux 5.2. Greg Kroah-Hartman has queued the code coming in at approximately three thousand lines to his staging-next branch ahead of the Linux 5.2 merge window opening in May. Linux 5.2 stable should debut in July.

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