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Linux 4.18 brings support for Vega M, Volta GV100 and, er, SPECK

AFTER A WEEK’S DELAY, Linux kernel 4.18 stable has arrived.

Announcing the release on Sunday, head of Linuxing Linus Torvalds said: “One week late(r) and here we are – 4.18 is out there. It was a very calm week, and arguably I could just have released on schedule last week, but we did have some minor updates.”

One notable change is that there’s been a lot of code ditched – around 100,000 lines of obsolete code has been slashed.

Yet, as ever, there’s a plethora of new functionality. This includes a tailored Steam Controller driver which seems to work significantly better than the official Steam driver with Linux apps, but still coexists with the official one.

Several sound chips have improved support, SPECK (that horrible cypher that they used to use to DRM CDs) is now supported, there are tweaks for USB-C and Thunderbolt and most notably, there ‘s some progress on the ‘2038 problem‘.

For the uninitiated, let’s just say, that if you know what the ‘Millenium Bug’ was, you know what the 2038 problem is. Except given how many infrastructures run on Linux, if it wasn’t being sorted it would be a very big deal indeed.

Otherwise, there are improvements in Hyper-V support and first-run support for both Vega M and Nvidia Volta GV100 hardware.

Finally, for fans of mobile devices that run Linux, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 is now fully supported.

As usual, it’s now open season on commits for version 4.19 which should come out on time, meaning this version isn’t actually going to be around too long. Torvalds notes that people are already submitting 4.19 changes, whilst 4.18 was being finalised.

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