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Linus Torvalds doesn’t release Linux kernel 5.0 (yet)

Linus Torvalds doesn't release Linux kernel 5.0 (yet)

The Linux penguin is on ice

LINUX IS set to reach a major milestone soon, or if you prefer an arbitrary change of number. Point being, it’s about to reach version 5.0.

Linux Torvalds has long maintained that version number changes shouldn’t be viewed with any special significance or fanfare, but the human mind is constantly determined to make order out of chaos, so acknowledge it, we will.

Meanwhile, version 4.17 has arrived. As Torvalds explains: “No, I didn’t call it 5.0, even though all the git object count
numerology was in place for that.

“It will happen in the not _too_
distant future and I’m told all the release scripts on kernel.org are
ready for it, but I didn’t feel there was any real reason for it. I
suspect that around 4.20 – which is I run out of fingers and toes to keep track of minor releases, and thus start getting mightily confused – I’ll switch over. That was what happened for 4.0, after all.”

Another reason is that v4.17 is small – very small. There are lots of little fixes and additions for specific users of different types of hardware, but no overarching additions that Kernel Kitten (where is he, by the way? Has anyone seen him?) would get excited about.

There’s a power management fix that should give up to 10 per cent more battery life when systems are idling. That’s quite cool. Oh, and Intel Cannon Lake graphics support is ready too.

So on the basis that the total number of fingers and toes is 20, and that Linus Torvalds isn’t Anne Boleyn (though you never see them together) and Linux 3.20 was the last before switching up to Linux 4.0, then it’s probably safeish to assume that we’re a few versions off the big 5-oh yet. Not that anyone should be too concerned. It ain’t nothin’ but a number.

Now – where’s that cat of ours? µ

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