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Let's Find Out the Informatics Engineering Department Course You Can Take

If you have now entered and been accepted at university majoring in informatics engineering we congratulate you. Well, now you have to know some of the courses that you will face during your major in informatics engineering. This is important so that you can prepare yourself early in the face of course material. Okay, what's the subject of informatics engineering majors? The following we explain to you.

General Basic Course (MKDU)

Courses included in MKDU are courses that must be taken by Informatics Engineering students in the first semester. This applies to all campuses and you have to take it or not. However, you can take specific courses with your majors when you enter semester two or three. The following are the subjects that must be taken in your first semester of study in Informatics:

  1. Indonesian

Yup, you don't read it wrong. Indonesian is included in the General Basic Course (MKDU). In this course, you will learn the basics and theories of the application of Indonesian language that are good and true. This will be useful when you will make a paper for your final assignment in the final semester.

  1. English

The English course you will get will focus more on understanding English in general. This course will be useful to familiarize Informatics Engineering students in understanding various kinds of IT terms that mostly use English.

  1. Religious Education

In the subject of Religious Education, you will learn various kinds of basics – religious knowledge, adapted to their respective religions and beliefs, especially religions recognized by the current Indonesian government.

  1. Citizenship

Citizenship is a general basic course (MKDU), where you will be given an understanding of good state life and correct. Of course adapted to the ideology adopted by the Indonesian people, namely Pancasila, and according to the laws in force in Indonesia.

  1. Mathematics

Mathematics is a basic course that will always be in every department of Engineering, including Informatics Engineering. . In this course, you will study counting and also solve a problem mathematically. This course is useful to improve the analysis power of students in each of the problems that arise.

  1. Basic Physics

Basic physics is also one of the compulsory subjects that are always taught in every department or study program under the faculty technique. The physics material taught in the Informatics Engineering study program mostly learns about the basics of physics and also about electronic systems.

  1. Basic Chemistry

Besides mathematics and physics, you will also get chemistry courses as compulsory subjects and become eyes basic courses learned in each study program under the engineering faculty. In this course, you will learn the basics of chemistry and theories related to chemical use – basic chemistry, but you will not be taught to chemical analysis.

Specialization Courses:

After you have taken your eyes Tuition is compulsory in the first semester, you can take several 19459022 lists of informatics engineering courses that you are interested in. It all depends on the specialization that you will take after graduating from college. The following are specialization courses that you can take later:

  1. Introduction to Engineering and Design

Now, we are now starting to enter a specific course with Information Engineering. In this course, you will learn the basics of software engineering or software engineering, starting from the theory, method and development. In addition, you will learn the right and good software designs to use.

  1. Introduction to Information Technology

This one course is a course given by students to learn the basics of information technology, starting from history, theory , figures, as well as the development of information technology from the past until now.

  1. Introduction to Circuit Analysis

In this one informatics engineering course, you will study methods and techniques in analyzing existing systems.

  1. Programming Basics

From the name alone, we already know that this course will provide material in the form of history, development and also programming related theories. In this course, you will learn the programming language commonly used in developing software.

  1. Algorithms and Data Structures

In this course, you will teach a lot about the basics of algorithms and also problem solving in systems using algorithm flow. In addition, you will learn the arrangement of the data structure used in a software.

  1. Discrete Mathematics

In this course, you will study the theory and the basics of discrete mathematical calculations, which are useful for problem solving. computer programming. This course requires a good understanding of basic mathematics so that you are able to take this course smoothly.

  1. Logic Informatics

In this course, you will study analysis and the basics of logical thinking on issues related to information systems and also programming. This is important because in studying informatics techniques, you also need strong logic.

  1. Statistics

In this course, you will learn the basics of statistics, as well as statistical calculations used to help informatics engineering students in developing a device soft.

  1. Geometry Algebra

Geometry algebra is a subject that studies calculation and the basics of algebraic calculations used and can be implemented in a geometric calculation, shape, and space.

  1. Computer Organization and Architecture

This course, you will learn the basics of computer architecture, and learn the principles of organizing a computer system, to existing computer software, or just to be developed.

  1. Object Oriented Programming

This course is a course who will study the development of an object-based program. Students will be required to develop or create an application or object-oriented software. Software such as Visual Basic or VB.NET is needed in this course.

  1. Database

In this course, informatics engineering students will learn the basics of databases or databases. Starting from the theory, database management, to the development of a system and program or application using a database.

  1. Basic Software Engineering

As the name implies, in this course, you will learn the basics of developing a software or software, ranging from engineering techniques, programming languages, to the implementation of the software that will be used.

  1. Web-based Application Development

In this course, you will focus on the web, where later you will learn the application development used in on a website.

  1. Computer Network

As the name implies, you will later study computer networks, from the basics of computer networks, theory, to implementation. You will also study the use of computer networks.

  1. Software Project Management

In this course, you will study the effect of the management process on a software, from how to create and implement a software, to how to care for and develop a Existing software.

  1. Database Management

This course is a continuation of the Database course, where you will study database systems and management using applications. Examples such as Oracle, etc.

  1. Human and Computer Interaction

In this course, you will study human interaction as brainware with computers. This course studies the relationship between humans as a superuser in operating a computer.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence / AI) is a course that studies the basics of programming in the creation of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence or intelligence is a program or software that can have its own mindset and can help people in work.

  1. Computer graphics

Computer graphics is a course that deals with the graphic content of a computer application, starting from the interface, design logo, and also the overall design of an application. Examples include the use of 2D or 3D animation, coloring techniques, and so on. This course includes a bit of graphic design courses, but still relies on the functions of components in computer applications.

  1. Socioinformatics and professionalism

In this course, informatics engineering students are required to understand the relationship and also the role between computer systems , informatics, and also technology in the social order system. In addition, this course also provides material on professionalism related to work ethics as a graduate of informatics engineering.

  1. Job Training

Well, all the knowledge gained during college should be practiced in the world of work. Well, this practical work is a course in which informatics engineering students will be placed in companies or projects related to informatics, where they will work in accordance with the knowledge and experience learned during college.

  1. Final Project

This is the final course which must be taken by informatics engineering students to prove that all the knowledge they get has been well mastered. This final project will usually relate to the creation of software or applications, to the development of applications or software that already exists.

How, have you prepared the materials for the informatics engineering majors that you will take? Don't be discouraged, because the benefits of lecturing in informatics engineering will be able to be achieved when you graduate. Although later the lecture that you will take will be heavy. Just enjoy it so that you can get the most desirable IT jobs people today.

Our articles this time. Oh yeah, if you want to know a list of information system courses just find out on this site. Congratulations on studying in informatics engineering and good luck.


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