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Latest MoboMarket Download 2019 (Free Download)

 Latest MoboMarket Download Developer: MoboRobo Team
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 25MB

Download MoboMarket [19659007] – MoboMarket is an application marketplace built and launched by a Chinese IT company, Baidu. This software was launched in 2014, around June. And Indonesia is one of the first countries to become its market share.

There must be someone who is still wondering, is MoboMarket really compatible for what system operation? Is it Android, Windows or IOS or what? The answer is Android. Since its emergence, Baidu, Inc. has been eager to bring this app store to explore the Android mobile market. But unfortunately it seems they are a bit difficult because the majority of Android users, of course, use Playstore from Google.

At the beginning of its promotion period, MoboMarket often invited Android application developers to upload their apps to their platforms. They even bring a high level of locality because they are eager to provide space for local developers and beginners to take part in peddling applications in their stores.

MoboMarket Features and Uses

 Latest MoboMarket Download

Latest MoboMarket Display

local application from local developer ", that was the marketing motto that was used by search engine company Baidu when launching MoboMarket for the first time in 2014. Indeed, this principle made Baidu successfully accommodate more than 500,000 more android applications in their stores. And around 300,000 of them are free applications, free to download.

The application market with a green shopping bag logo not only accommodates and sells mere informative and functional applications, such as chat applications webview, and online shopping marketplace . But it also sells entertainment and digital products, such as games and wallpapers.

As is the habit in the IT business world, where late innovation and potential steps can trigger future stagnation. That is, the only weakness of MoboMarket is probably because its rival is Playstore from Google, Inc. and Apple Store's App Store. Playstore and App Store are too popular to beat with other app stores. Moreover, both of them have already dominated their respective OS, namely Playstore with the Android operating system. And the App Store with its IOS system.

Latest MoboMarket Download

But if you look objectively, the features and uses of MoboMarket are very good to continue to develop. There is nothing impossible to dream of grabbing the application store market from two IT giants, Google and Apple. What are the features and uses of MoboMarket? Similar to most application stores, such as:

  1. Catalog of applications, games and wallpapers
  2. Scanning and antivirus
  3. Personalizing views
  4. Comments, rating and sharing interactive applications with developers
  5. Profile settings management column and payment account

Of the 5 main features above, the most different from a [1945918] application is generally scanning and antivirus. So when we download the MoboMarket product there, the product will automatically be scanned with Baidu antivirus, so that it is safe for the phone when it is installed. Download the latest and free MoboMarket via the link below:


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