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LAMPUNG Traditional House along with its Characteristics + Image [LENGKAP]

Lampung is one of the main destinations to be occupied by immigrants in the New Order era. So that in Lampung has a variety of tribes from several regions, namely the Balinese, Javanese and Lampung Sundanese. But even though the various civilizations of the people of Lampung, of course, still preserve their unique culture.

Culture in Lampung also has its own characteristics and uniqueness such as dances, traditional clothes, traditional events, traditional houses and so on.

One of these Lampung cultures, namely the Lampung traditional house, will be discussed in this review. What does Lampung traditional house look like? Look at

Lampung Traditional House

 Lampung Traditional House

Nuwo Sesat, is a term given to Lampung traditional houses. The term derives from the word Nuwo meaning house and Heretic means adat. This traditional house is used by the people of Lampung as a gathering place or village hall. At this time the function of the Lampung traditional house had been used as an ordinary dwelling for the people of Lampung.

In the previous article the traditional Batak house and Banten traditional house had a stage-shaped building model, [1945900] it turned out that the Nuwo Sesat building also had house stage model. This certainly has a reason why the house is built on stilts, because there are many rivers that flow. So that the house is turned against the river with a meeting pattern that is by following the flow of the river.

Another reason in the design of the stage house is to avoid or anticipate unwanted events such as wild animals, if an earthquake occurs the building remains strong and so forth.

This Nuwu sesat house on stilts is of course also equipped with stairs to make it easier for residents to enter and leave the house. And if seen on the porch of the house there will be a small bucket or called the bridge . The function of the platform was as a place for 1945 to residents jokingly while relaxing with their neighbors.

The most prominent characteristic of this traditional house is on the roof, having the shape of a white, red and yellow umbrella. The symbol has an elder level meaning for the people of Lampung.

Main Characteristics

Generally the typical characteristics of Lampung traditional house buildings consist of several parts:

  1. Pusiban, the main place for official deliberations to be held.
  2. , a place where banquets are held for honored guests or gathering places [purwatin.
  3. Tetabuhan Room, a place to store traditional items such as traditional Balinese clothes, traditional musical instruments, etc.
  4. Gajah Merem Room , place for purwatin to rest.
  5. Middle Kebik, inner balancing bedroom or child.
  6. Ijan Geladak, jambat agung or a ladder equipped with a roof that is a white umbrella , red and yellow.

Types of Nowou Sesat Traditional Houses

Nuwo traditional houses Heretic turns out to be not just one species, but there are several types, namely:

1. Nuwo Sesat Balai Agung

 Types of Lampung Traditional Houses

This one Lampung traditional house is an icon of Lampung traditional house culture. The building of this traditional house was used as a place for purwatin (traditional balancer) to gather for deliberations.

Before entering into this house, it must first step on the ladder or be called referred to by the term an angular hallway by the community there. Above the stairs there are umbrellas with 3 kinds of colors namely white, red and yellow which have a special meaning which is a unity for the people.

The meaning of white umbrellas is the level of the clan in the Lampung area. The meaning of the red umbrella is the tribal level in Lampung, while the meaning of the yellow umbrella is the social level in the village.

Aside from jambat angung along with umbrellas, the Heretical traditional house Balai Agung also has a special symbol, the Garuda bird. The symbol is said to be a vehicle of Lord Vishnu in ancient times. But at this time, the Coat was used at a wedding in Lampung which was found on the bride's chair.

2. Nuwo Balak

 nuwo sesat

This building functioned as a shelter for tribal chiefs or purwatin (traditional balancer). The building has an area of ​​30 x 15 meters. At the front or terrace there is a veranda that is used as a place to entertain guests as well as a place to relax.

There are no walls in the porch of the house, it has stairs on the front to make it easier to go up or down from this house. As in the bottom of the stairs are equipped with a foot wash and footwear so as not to get dirty when entering the house. The place was nicknamed fierce against.

The Nuwo Balak house has several room builders in it. There are rooms for meetings which are 2 pieces, 1 family room, 8 guest rooms. Among the 8 rooms there is one room for use by the customary head and his wife.

Whereas the back of the house is used for the kitchen but the building is separate from the main part of the house. But still given a link like a bridge. Palm sugar cane is used on the roof which, if seen transversely, looks like an inverted boat.

3. Nuwo Lunik

 Lampung traditional house

Nuwo Lunik itself has the meaning of a small house. This house is a traditional house inhabited by ordinary Lampung people. As the name implies this house is smaller than the 2 types of traditional houses above. The difference is also located on the veranda of the house where there is no porch and there are only stairs in the porch, namely at the entrance.

Compared to Nuwo Balak the form is also simpler. the division of the room is that there are several rooms for sleeping, the main building integrates with the part of the kitchen, but the shape of the roof is more varied, there is an inverted boat shape and some are pyramid shaped.


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