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Know Your Nature And Skin Type

Recognize the nature and type of your skin . This introduction is important to facilitate the selection of the right cosmetics. In general, facial skin can be classified into 5 types with specific characteristics. Including the type where your skin is how to treat it?

Normal skin

Normal skin appears smooth with a reasonable pore not too oily nor too dry. Sometimes in areas of T or t Zone (areas of the nose and forehead) are more oily. Normal skin rarely acne or blackheads unless menstruation. Normal skin is also not easily irritated ingredients of cosmetic ingredients or other chemicals. To maintain the balance of the natural ingredients in the skin Treat skin regularly. Because normal skin nephew becomes abnormal if not well maintained.

Use a cleansing milk or liquid soap specifically for the face on daily care. Use the morning before bathing and night before bed. Continue with a tonic of freshener that also functions to remove the remnants of the cleanser. To protect skin to keep moist apply a thin moisturizer. After that just use your makeup. The skin in the area around the eye contains the least oil so that the skin in the area is higher than the skin of other parts. In women aged thirties plus often fine wrinkles have started to appear around the eyes. Every night before bed clean the facial skin up to the neck from the remnants of cosmetics and dust that stick.

Apply a night cream and thin eye cream on the skin around the eyes. In normal skin, in-depth treatment or facial is done only two or three weeks. Can also use powder powder type of operation form powder or fine grains. Can also use powder powder type of operation form of powder or fine grains As for mask select mineral mask

Dry skin

Skin looks dull luminous felt tight and stiff looking fine lines around the forehead and mouth. This type of caterpillar does not contain much oil and its moisture content is low. So the skin is sensitive or sensitive. Dryness of the skin is often exacerbated by too high temperature air or too low air conditioning or air conditioning. This condition can cause skin to peel easily.

For daily treatment use a cleansing or emotional cleansing cream with moisture content and balanced oil. Do it every morning Before bathing and night. To refresh the skin use Mi face tonic or MI face lotion with low alcohol content which also serves as a remover of cleansing cream remnants. While at night use a cream rich in moisturizer and night cream that contains collagen or placenta extract. Facial can be done every two weeks with a special cosmetic product for dry skin. Cosmetics that contain a good moisturizer for this skin type.

Oily skin.

This easily recognizable mark on the skin is excessive oil production so the skin looks shiny and very easy to break out. We recommend that you choose cosmetics that are free of oil (oil free) that can reduce oil products on makeup. Use toner that does not contain alcohol. You do not have to try to dry the oily skin. Because it could be this business even make the oil glands work harder (to balance the loss of natural oils from facial skin) that will cause skin disorders called seborhea or increased oil production in excess.

At the time of cleansing face avoid cosmetics that can make skin feels tense and lacks fluid as this will cause the skin layer to shrink which makes the exhaust oil will flow into the pores. As a result the pores will be clogged and cause acne. Oily skin tends to make the face youthful compared with other skin types. For daily treatment using cleansing milk or special cleansing soap include transparent bar type

Use in the morning before showering and at night. Then apply refresher as well as remove remnants of cleanser with astringent lotion to summarize the pores or antiseptic solution or acne lotion for acne. but if acne appears after the face is cleaned with acne compress cleaner with acne lotion. Avoid using cosmetic creams that contain hormones or collagen and oily cosmetics. Choose an oil-free type shooter (water base). Do fashion once a week or twice a week. Use a mineralized mask that is melted with astringent lotion. If the acne is inflamed stop Use peeling powder

Combination Skin

This type of wrestling has normal skin tending to dry or normally tend to oily. There is rarely a noticeable difference or contrast between dry and oily mixtures. For combination skin care adjust the cleanser with skin condition. When normal skin tends to oily use a cleanser for oily skin and vice versa. Similarly, the special moisturizer and cosmetics that are used always have to be adapted to the combination skin type

Sensitive Skin

This type of skin has a smooth or thin skin texture. Looks fine blood line fibers on the cheeks. In the bulge part of the skin bony bulge feels tense. And this type of skin is generally less easily elasticity berkeriput and easily exposed to irritation. Sensitive or sensitive skin usually tends to dry and very easy to react or irritated.

For example facial makeup cosmetics that can make skin redness acne or itching. Choose special cosmetics for this type of skin or medicated cosmetics. Changes in temperature as well as the use of cosmetics and alcohol on the skin will cause irritation that causes redness of acne breakouts or embossed on the face. We recommend using products that do not cause allergies and sunscreens that contain SPF (San protecting vector) is high enough. but for daily care cleanse the facial skin in the morning before showering and at night by using cleansing milk or mild soap for a fragrance-free face and dyestuff.

After that Dab a freshener that also serves as an eraser of cleansing milk remover use Mi face tonic lotion free dye-free alcohol and fragrances. In the evenings use night cream which is also free of color paint and fragrance. Avoid eye cream or hormone cream. For moisturizing bilih on the basis of dyestuff-free oils and fragrances. For powder base or foundation choose transparent foundation fragrance free. Facial can be done once a week or two weeks by using peeling off Mas (peel mask) or mineral. Use the mosturizing Mask once a week. Peeling nurse should be avoided. For sensitive or sensitive skin use ergenic hypoal cosmetics


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