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Know the 11 Differences HDMI and VGA To Avoid Incorrect Select

Differences HDMI and VGA is the basic thing you should know, especially if you hobby with the field of video editing and so on. Technological advancements are getting bigger, making us learn about high-tech equipment. For those of you who often presentations, of course have known the projector. If you are an older model laptop user, you will be presented with a projector and laptop connecting cable that has a VGA port. What is VGA port? VGA port is a connecting port for transferring visual video from one gadget to another. In addition to laptop and projector, VGA can be installed with how to connect TV with Projector monitor, and all forms of video. Did you know that this connecting cable port has undergone much development.

Now VGA has stopped being produced. Connection cables such as DVI, DisplayPort, and HDMI are replacements for the earlier VGA cables. But in Indonesia, we still often find PCs and laptops with VGA plugs. After VGA is introduced, DVI appears with the same basic functions but provided additional functionality. Then produced also DisplayPort which also serves to transfer video between devices.

Connection technology to display the latest video is HDMI. It functions the same as VGA, but has a fundamental difference as well. The difference lies in HDMI that further refine VGA. Currently, HDMI continues to be produced instead of VGA. Why VGA should be replaced with HDMI? This is the difference between HDMI and VGA:

VGA is short for Video Graphic Array. VGA was first marketed by IBM in 1987. This tool is commonly found on monitors, PCs, projectors, and televisions. VGA is a video card or video card. It could be said VGA port is the first port made to display video between devices. You can still find the VGA port on the old output device. The new output device still includes this port although not all brands now embed it.

VGA is the interface or analog interface. That is, VGA deliver data in the form of red, blue, green, vertical sync, horizontal sync, with analog waveform. VGA refers to a 15 pin connector and can only translate video only, not accompanied by audio. This became one of excess microsoft power point that can use VGA.

Formerly, video can be displayed by VGA measuring 640 x 350 pixel. So to display high resolution graphics, additional external VGA is required. However it has now undergone much development so that types of VGA cards can display large sizes like 2048 x 1536 pixels. For the latest VGA technology, it can even display 16: 9 format with 1366 x 768 pixel resolution. The famous VGA manufacturers are NVIDIA and ATI.

The video quality of VGA depends on cable length, connector, and cable quality. You can observe yourself in a room with a VGA port projector, always include a large cable. VGA connector also includes a large size.

Unfortunately the video display of the VGA can not be more clear than HDMI even with the same resolution pixels. Data transferred analogously so that the quality of hardware greatly affects the video quality.

Due to the video display of VGA that can not be very clear, now the production of VGA is stopped. Well-known products like Apple have not provided a VGA port on their homemade device. While there are still many gadgets that provide VGA ports, it is foreseen that a VGA will disappear to change with a better interface, such as HDMI.

HDMI is short for High Definition Multimedia Interface. HDMI was introduced in 2002 and designed by HDMI. This interface is the latest technology today to display video and other multimedia. HDMI continues to flourish, publishing new series for some time.

HDMI is an interface that refers to digital. The data sent are one and zero. HDMI capable of displaying multimedia in the form of video accompanied by audio. Audio is delivered using 8 channels. This channel can compromise audio on HDMI.

High-resolution video display up to 1080px. HDMI video quality is excellent so it is suitable for high resolution graphics or video. This is perfect for those of you who love to use video editing software and likes to play big games. HDMI is divided into several types, namely type A, type B, type C, and type D.

Type A, C, and D have 19 pins. While type B has 29 pins. Type B is used for those of you who need a very high resolution up to 3840 x 2400 pixels. Despite having a larger number of pins than VGA, HDMI has much smaller size, and more HDMI cable functions.

C and D types have ports smaller than type A and B so many pinned on small devices such as ultrabook, tablets, and mobile phones. HDMI is able to transfer video along with audio is very profitable and a necessity in the fulfillment of the latest technology. High-end products like Apple do not provide VGA ports on their devices.

In general, HDMI and VGA differences are summarized as follows:

  1. VGA began to be published in 1987. HDMI was introduced in 2002. HDMI is newer technology from VGS with more functions.
  2. VGA is designed with reference to analog, color coded. While HDMI refers to digital data in the form of a value of one and the value of zero.
  3. VGA can only deliver visual video only without audio. While HDMI can read video data on visual and audio with more clearly.
  4. VGA connector consists of 15 pins which is a DE-15 connector. While HDMI has several types of ports such as type A, type B, type C, and type D. Type A, C, and D have 19 pins while type B has 29 pins.
  5. Resolutions that are able to present VGA tend to be lower, ie with the largest resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. While HDMI capable of presenting high-resolution up to 3840 x 2400 pixels in type B.
  6. Judging from the shape, VGA port has a larger shape with fewer pins. This is the opposite of HDMI which is able to provide small and thin shapes even though more pins are embedded.
  7. The VGA port is accompanied by thick and large cables. HDMI requires only a small cable the size of a phone charga cable only.

  8. Small devices such as smart phones and tablets do not have VGA ports due to their sizeable ports. The HDMI port is included on today's small high-end devices. Like the macbook and iphone products.
  9. Currently, the price of HDMI cables is higher than the price of VGA cables in the market. Because HDMI provides more advantages, so more HDMI users.
  10. Current LCDs have been referring to digital data. So when connected with the VGA port, it must be through 2 times the translation. From digital to analog, then from analog is returned to digital to be read by LCD. HDMI does not require twice the conversion of this kind.
  11. One of the differences HDMI and VGA is HDMI is the latest technology so it will likely continue to be produced. While VGA is the first product, with a clear weakness. Most likely the VGA will be lost for a high-end portable sometime in the future.

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