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Kali Linux Rolls Out Second Update of 2019 – Rogue Media Labs

Earlier today, May 22nd 2019, the popular Ethical Hacking Linux distro known as Kali Linux rolled out their 2nd update of 2019, following their last release in February 2019. Perhaps headlining today’s release is a new integration with NetHunter, allowing for a more seamless running of Kali Linux OS on Android mobile devices. The updates also features new integrations with ARM, cleaning up some of the file size problems and speeding up its operation. “This release largely features various tweaks and bug fixes but there are still many updated tools including seclists, msfpc, and exe2hex” reads their official press release. If you would like to learn more about all of the new integrations, you are invited to read the Kali Bug Tracker Change Log below.

Kali Bug Tracker Change Log: https://bugs.kali.org/changelog_page.php
Download Kali Linux v 2019.2: https://linux.softpedia.com/get/System/Operating-Systems/Linux-Distributions/Kali-Linux-97645.shtml

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