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Is that Joox? Along with History, Excellence and Features

In view of the rapid development of technology of course, the need to complete the gadget must also be adjusted. As at this time music lovers are not terhing number, almost all humans would love music.

For everyone to consider music as their second life because it can convey a feeling. To complete that, there has been a streaming music application that is very popular and has become the current trend of Joox. Joox wants to share the experience of enjoying music in a new way to the people of Indonesia. With a variety of different genres.

What Is Joox?

 What is Joox

Joox comes from the word "jukebox" is a legal streaming music service through the internet with a personal touch. It was first launched by Tencent Holdings Ltd from Shenzhen, China, which was the company behind WeChat instant messaging.

Joox was available in the form of a mobile app (Android and iOS) and website. Users can listen to more than one million selected songs and playlists ranging from local to international for free, and can be downloaded if you want to listen offline.

Joox's History

After a successful perch in Hong Kong and Malaysia, Joox was officially launched on Indonesia at Exodus Club, Kuningan City, Jakarta on October 20, 2015.

With the slogan "Live Your Music" besides that, Joox has joined several record labels, including local, such as Universal Music, Warner Music, Musica Studio, and Trinity Production. The application offered by Tencent Mobility Limited has been downloaded more than 50 million users.

Joox Features

a) Music Collection
Joox has provided millions of songs that can be enjoyed for music lovers for free , and can be downloaded offline through VIP services. The music collection is very diverse, ranging from local, Asian, to international from various genres.

b) JOOX Radio
Through the Joox radio feature, listeners can access dozens of radios divided into several categories that can be selected according tastes of each.

c) Playlist recommendations
This feature provides a variety of playlist options specifically curated by Joox team based on musical trends in Indonesia and made in several categories such as "genre", "mood" , "Type", "activity" and also being trending like a "throwback" theme, this is intended so that listeners don't have to bother looking for songs that fit the category they want to listen to.

d) JOOX Top Chart
Top Chart feature is a feature list of songs that are most often played by active users of Joox. The Top Chart is divided into five, namely: "Trending Top Hits", "International Top Hits", "Indonesia Top Hits", "New Single Top Hits" and "K-pop Top Hits". This chart is suitable for the needs of music lovers who have different preferences.

e) Personalization of Music
Joox users can create new playlists containing favorite songs of choice according to taste.

f) Real-time Sharing
This feature allows Joox mobile app users to share and comment on songs that are being listened to friends.

JOOX VIP paid features for true music lovers where Joox users can enjoy extra services like "play on-demand", download songs to listen to while offline, best streaming quality, unlimited song skips and ad-free. Joox VIP also provides an "Auto-Download" feature where Joox will immediately download music that is added to the playlist automatically when connected to a WI-FI connection.

h) Local Flavor
Provides local music choices directly and carefully by Joox curator based on observations of the latest music trends that are currently underway. Despite offering a lot of international hits, Joox still wanted to establish connections and the local community, one of them by prioritizing local songs to keep on air amid the competition of international songs.

Excellence Joox

a) Complete Music Collection
This application has the completeness in the genre of songs, artists, to favorite songs compared to other music applications. Joox has the Top Chart and New Release features that allow users to stay up to date on music developments around the world. With this countless collection of technologists, listeners can become an impromptu DJ by creating their own selected tracklist and share them.

b) Free Radio
Joox also has a Free Radio feature where users can listen to editor's selected songs music professionals (Editor's Pick) that can accompany listeners in every moment of activity.

c) Unlimited Liscensed Music
Joox gives unlimited access to every licensed music lover (Unlimited Licensed Music) to loyal fans who always appreciate the works of his idol in a legal manner.

d) Lyrics
Enjoying favorite songs especially available Joox song lyrics has presented features like this.

e) Theme Gallery [19659012] If you get bored with the appearance of the application, you can change the display according to taste. Joox has provided various themes that can be adjusted.

f) Social Circle
Joox provides a feature where you can share your listening experience to everyone via Facebook

g) Offline Play
If an internet connection You can't, you can download your favorite songs to play offline or not connect to the internet. And even better, you can set up data storage capacity.

h) Music Player
Because Joox acts as a music player, besides you can save music on SD Card, you can also import songs- the song is your favorite in storage to play on Joox.

i) Timer
If you listen to music you always feel sleepy even falling asleep. You can set a Timer feature that allows songs that you play on Joox to stop at the time you specified.

j) Streaming Quality Setting
If you are worried about how many data packets you use to stream Joox. You can find the settings in the general settings to determine the amount of internet data that will be used for streaming each song, as well as the quality of the songs you want to download.

Songs that are always up-to-date and good audio quality make them interested in listening to music through JOOX. Of course various types of music on original JOOX and not pirated. It's a discussion of the online music application JOOX. Thank you.


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