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Is It Possible To Download Movies From Amazon Prime Video To Windows 10 PC?

Amazon Prime Video is probably the most popular streaming video service after the hugely popular Netflix. Amazon Prime Video service comes as a free add-on with Amazon Prime subscription.

The Prime Video has huge collections of movies, Tv series, original series, documentaries, and much more.

download amazon prime video to windows 10 pc

As you likely know, the Amazon Prime Video app is available for both iOS and Android. On both iOS and Android devices, Amazon lets you download movies and other videos to the respective devices so that you can watch videos offline.

Is Amazon Prime Video app available for Windows 10 PC?

With the official app out there for Android and iOS, it’s fair to expect Amazon Prime Video app for the world’s most popular computer operating system.

Sadly, as of today, Amazon Prime Video app is not available for Windows 10 or earlier versions of the Windows operating system. You can, however, access Amazon Prime Video using a web browser on your PC.

In our opinion, Amazon should launch an official app for Windows 10 soon. Since Netflix has an official app for years, there is no reason for Amazon not to launch an app for Windows 10.

Surprisingly, Amazon (to shop online) and Amazon Music apps are available for Windows 10.

Can I download Amazon Prime Video movies to Windows 10 PC?

As of today, Amazon allows downloading movies from its Prime Video service through its official apps only. Since there is no official Amazon Prime Video app out there for Windows 10, you cannot download movies and videos from Amazon Prime Video to PCs running Windows 10 or earlier versions. However, you can sign in to your Amazon Prime Video website on your computer using any web browser and watch movies without any restrictions.

While there are alternatives around, there is no legal way out there to download Amazon Prime Video movies and videos to a computer running Windows operating system.

Is there a way out there to watch movies and videos offline?

Well, yes, if you can spend on Netflix. Netflix officially allows you to download most movies and videos to your Windows 10 PC to watch offline. If you want to watch movies offline, it’s best to subscribe to Netflix as the official Netflix app for Windows 10 lets you download select movies and videos.

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