LF Edge

Two open-source foundations – IOTA Foundation working in the sphere of blockchain and the open-source Linux Foundation have come together for Edge computing, specifically the LF Edge.

IOTA Foundation announced this on its official blog.

The LF Edge framework is the leading open-source stack for the Internet of Things (IoT), Edge, and Cloud interoperability. But, said the Foundation, there was a key piece of this puzzle missing – distributed ledger technologies.

We’re happy to announce that our first step Towards Open Collaboration is that we have joined the Linux Foundation to help complete their stack of technologies to advance their development of a truly interoperable solution set for IoT, Edge and Cloud integration.

– IOTA Foundation

The IOTA Foundation said its primary focus will be on integration into EdgeX Foundry, where it will show to other members of LF Edge “the power of the IOTA protocol” towards securing, scaling, and allowing for increased interoperability in the Edge and Fog area of the stack.

LF Edge is an umbrella organization that aims to establish an open, interoperable framework for Edge computing independent of hardware, silicon, Cloud, or operating system. By bringing together industry leaders, LF Edge will create a common framework for hardware and software standards and best practices critical to sustaining current and future generations of IoT and Edge devices.