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Intention, Reading & Prayer Time [LENGKAP]

As a Muslim before daily activities, every morning should perform morning prayers. The dawn prayer is one of the 5 obligatory (obligatory) prayers performed by every Muslim. Dawn prayer has the added benefit and priority of being practiced on a regular basis at the time of its execution. Whether it be for health, spirituality, success in life, etc.

Although the number of rakaat is only two, there are still some who neglect to perform the morning prayer because of sleep. Since dawn prayer was practiced in the sun before sunrise.

Well, this time will discuss dawn prayer procedures intentions, readings, prayer time, and dawn prayer priorities. Duh

 Prayer Method of dawn

The number of rakaat from the dawn prayer is the least of the other obligatory prayers of two rak'ahs. According to the Mazhab Imam Syafii the dawn prayer was accompanied by the qunut prayer which is the second rakaat after rising from the bow. Before performing the dawn prayer, perform the sunnah fajr 2 rakaat prayer. This prayer is more important than the world and its context.

The procedure of dawn prayer is similar to that of other obligatory prayers, the only difference being that is found in the rakaat and also qunut prayer readings for those who follow the Shaykh sect. The differences in opinion regarding the use of qunut prayer in the morning prayers are different from those according to the 3 sects: Imam Syafii, Imam Hambali, Imam Maliki and Imam Hanafi. :

  1. Berwudhu
  2. Reading intention
  3. Takbiratul ihram then folded hands under chest or abdomen (first rakaat)
  4. Reading iftitaf (sunnah prayer prayer)
  5. Reading Al-Fatihah
  6. Read the Qur'anic verse (recommended to read long verses)
  7. Rukuk with prayer and read his prayer
  8. Rising from the bow (I'tidal) with prayer and reciting his prayer
  9. Praying with prayer 'ninah and reciting his prayers
  10. Sitting between two prostrated prayers and reciting his prayers
  11. Second prostration with prayer and reciting his prayers
  12. Standing then folding his arms again (second rakaat)
  13. Reading Al-Fatihah
  14. Reading verses The Qur'an
  15. Performing prayers with prayers and reading their prayers
  16. Rising from the bow (I'tidal) with prayers and reading their prayers
  17. Reading qunut prayers
  18. Praying with prayers and reciting prayers
  19. Sitting between two prostrated prayers and reciting prayers
  20. Second prostration with prayers and reciting their prayers
  21. Final letter
  22. Greetings


  1. Prayer intention if performed on your own , be a different member or priest. The only difference is that if you become a priest or a psalmist there is an additional word prayer or faith while the prayer itself is not used.
  2. Tuma'ninah is quiet (silent / silent / silent) after The body is in a permanent position, about the same time as reading Subahanallah (bee).

After doing greetings it is highly recommended to meditate and to pray to Allah Almighty, as taught by the Messenger of Allah. According to Shaykh Wahbah Az Zuhaili the law of reciting prayer before or after prayer is sunnah.

As for the recitation of the morning prayer prayers as illustrated below:

 The Morning Prayer Procedure - Qunut Prayer Dawn

Lafazh Intention of the Morning Prayer

In the teachings of Islam everything must begin with intention. Includes if you want to perform the morning prayer. The intention in prayer may be spoken in a gentle voice or may not be pronounced, but one thing is certain that it should be uttered with a sincere heart. The intention of prayer is pronounced before the takbiratul ihram, which is to stand upright towards the Qiblah.

According to some sects except the Maliki sect it is thought that reciting the intention of the law is a sunnah and thus we can bring the heart into it. But according to the Maliki sect the intention should not be pronounced since it was not implemented by the Prophet. Wallahu a'lam bish-shawab .

As for the reading of the dawn prayer as shown below:

 The Prayer of the Morning Prayer

The Prayer of the Morning Prayer [19659038] 1. The prayer after dawn prayer is:

 The dawn prayer

2. Meditation after morning prayer  Morning prayer

Morning prayer

Morning prayer is an obligatory prayer performed at the beginning of the day dawn of shadiq until sunrise. The best time of prayer including dawn prayer is at the beginning of time.

The dawn is divided into 2 types namely dawn (first dawn) and dawn shadiq (dawn second). The dawn of jaguar is a very bright light (like a wolf) but turns dark. This dawn is called the dawn / not the dawn. While the dawn of shadiq is the light that rises horizontally from the horizon.

 The Dawn of Prayer - The dawn prayer

According to some scholars of the scholars if we wake up early (not in the case of accidentally leaving the dawn prayer in time) until dawn is missed then perform the dawn prayer as soon as you wake up. If this is not the case, it is said that he was sinning while in the act of accidentally.

This happened to the Prophet when he was traveling unknowingly sleeping until sunrise. And the Prophet ordered Bilal Bin Rabbah to recite adzan and iqomah and then the Messenger continued to perform the morning prayer. that brings harm. Although he still performs the morning prayer, his prayer merit is quite different from that of the early days.

Before performing the morning prayer it is advisable to perform the sunnah fajr prayer first. After performing the sunnah fajr prayer and the morning prayers, sing to the Messenger and recite the Holy Qur'an.

The Priority of the Morning Prayer

There are so many priorities when we perform the morning prayer at this time. God has given certain things to his people who are able to perform the morning prayers according to his decree:

1. One of the reasons for entering heaven

 The Word of the Prophet

2. Barriers to Hellfire

 The Word of the Prophet

3. Be in the security of Allah Almighty

 The Word of the Prophet

4. It is calculated as performing a full night prayer

 The Word of the Prophet

5. The prayer was witnessed by the angels

 The Prayer of the Morning Prayer - The Word of the Prophet

That is the explanation of the complete morning prayer process from the intention, the reading, the time of prayer to the priority of the morning prayer. I hope the above article is useful and easy to apply!


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