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Intention, Prayer, Reading, Time [LENGKAP]

Tahrud prayer is an incredible prayer, because it is one of the very special prayers. It is also proved by the absence of other sunnah prayers that can match the tahajud prayers.

Tahajud prayer is also included in the sunnah prayer section performed during the night, or can be said within a third of the night after waking from sleep. This sunnah prayer is also entered into the sunnah mu'akad prayer or commonly referred to as syara '.

The number of rakaat in the prayer is from two rak'ahs and can be done as much as unlimited. The following is a tahajud prayer procedure along with lafadz intentions, prayer recitation, prayer time, and tahajud prayer priority.

Tahrir Sharia Rules

 Procedures of Sholat Tahajud

The procedure of tahajud prayer is also the same as the usual way of praying sunnah. That is when when you want to start the tahajud prayer it is obligatory to pray first of the small hadats and large hadats, purifying the body, clothing and also the place of unclean, must cover the aurat, and also must be facing the direction of the Qiblah.

At Fiqih Sunnah explained by Sayyid Sabiq states that, when wanting to sleep, it is better to have to intend to wake up with the intention of praying tahajud. Because of that when we are not woken or left behind, we still get the reward.

And on the Fiqih Islam wa Adilatuhu described by Shaykh Wahbah Az Zuhaili states that, when to pray tahajud, disunnahkan to use siwak.

The Messenger of Allah performed tahajud prayers with 11 rak'ahs and his dilam included also witir, and sometimes the Messenger also performed tahajud prayers with 13 rak'ah in it including witir.

And the following below this is the procedure of the tahajud prayer:

  1. Reading Intent
  2. Conducting takbiratul ihram accompanied by prayer iftitah
  3. After that is continued by reading surah Al Fatihah
  4. Furthermore, reading the Qur'anic verse. Can read short or long sentences
  5. Performing ruku 'is accompanied by reading the tasbih 3 times
  6. Doing I'tidal, and not forgetting to do tuma'ninah
  7. Performing Sujud, and not forgetting to do tuma'ninah and read the tasbih 3 times
  8. Seated among the two prostrations and not forgetting to do tuma'ninah
  9. Performing the second prostration along with tuma'ninah
  10. Tasyahud end and do not forget to do tuma'ninah [19659012] And end with Salam

The above procedure can be done repeatedly according to the number of rak'ah prayer tahajud that you have intend to do it.

Lafadz Niat Sholat Tahajud

 Procedure of Sholat Tahajud: NIat Sholat Tahajud

All scholars have agreed and have agreed that the place of intent is the heart. Therefore, it is important to note that an intention is not a requirement when doing something. It also means that it does not require us to recite an intention.

But Shaykh Wahbah Az Zuhaili states that the majority of scholars other than the Maliki school have the opinion that his legal intent is the sunnah when we want to help the heart to present an intention.

And the madhhabs of Maliki have an opinion that it is better not to pronounce an intent, because it does not have an example of the Messenger of Allah.

And here is the lafadz of the intent of tahajud prayer which you can read:

 How to Pray Tahajud and its Reading

Prayer Tahajud Prayer Tahajud

 tahajud prayer

Praying when it is completed prayer tahajud Insha Allah will be granted by Allah SWT. Especially when it's done within a third of the last night. Where at one-third of the night is the most regular time of prayer.

It has also been proven in HR. Bukhari number 1145 and Muslim number 1808. Thus, whatever the request of a people, ask for all prayer to Allah SWT. That prayer can also be the need of the world and the hereafter. Moreover, when it comes to asking for forgiveness to Allah SWT, because he is the most important of one third of the last night is istighfar.

And Rasoolullah SAW has also taught his people that the prayer devoted to doing in tahajud prayer is as follows, and this prayer read as prayer iftitah:

 Doa Sholat Tahajud Allahahumma lakal hamdu angta qayyimus samaawaati wal ardhi wamangfiihinna walakal hamdu angta malikussamaawaati wal ardhi wamangfiihinna, walakal hamdu angta nuurus padhaawaati wal ardhi wamang fiihinna, walakalhamdu angta haqqu, wa wadukal haqqu, waliqaa Al-Qauluka haqqun, waljannatu haqqun, wannaaru haqqun, wannabiyyuuna haqqun, wa muhammadun shallallaahu alaihi wasallama haqqun, wassaa'atu haqqun, Allaahumma laka asalamtu, wabika aamangtu, wa alaika tawakkaltu, wa alaika anabtu, wabika khaashamtu, wa ilaika haakamtu, faghfirlii maaqaddamtu, wamaa akh khartu, wamaa asrartu, wamaa a'langtu, wamaa angt [19456519]

The meaning of the above prayer is that:

"O Allah, all of you praise be to You, O Lord, be gracious to all. You are the head of the heavens and the earth, and the beings therein. Yours is the Praise, You are the ruler of the heavens and the earth and the beings therein. Yours is the Praise, You are the light of the heavens and the earth and the beings therein. you are the truth, the truth is, the meeting with you is true, your word is true, heaven is true, hell is true, the prophets are true, the prophet is true, and the day of judgment is true.

O Allah I put my trust in you, and only you, I believe, only to put my trust, only to return to me, only to be with my enemy, and to you I punish, therefore fill out all my sins, which I have done and which I may do, the secret and the clearest I have done, and the sin of the other sins which you know more than that, from me, you are the first and the last, there is no god besides you and no effort and strength except with God's help. "

Tahajud Sharia Time

 Tahajud Sharia Time

Tahajud is one of the sunnah prayers that can be done after sleep. To perform tahajud prayer also begins from the time after the 'till before the time of dawn, and can be preceded by sleep first. The most important time to do so is that at the last 1/3 night .

The tahajung prayer is also often known as qiyamul lait. But not all of qiyamul lail is a tahajud prayer. When a person performs the sunnah prayer at night and before sleep, the prayer is also included in the qiyamul lail category.

Why is it called tahajud? Because prayer is done when it comes first to sleep first. An ustadz named Adi Hidayat states that, sleeping with lying position in Arabic is hajada . And If you want to get up when you're done lying down, you can add ta 'right in front of the word, so it becomes tahajada .

If you have the seriousness to wake up after being in the position of being able to add tasydid, tahajjada If that has become a habit, then the word may change into the word tahajjud . Tahajjud is a form of his command to tahajjad which is described in Surah Al Isra 'verse 79.

Tahrud Tahrud Priority

 Tahrud Tahrud Priority

the sunnah has many priorities, for example the following:

  • Tahajud prayer can be a key to entering heaven
  • When we perform tahajud prayer then in the hereafter we will gain glory and also the authority
  • Sholat tahajud is a prayer often performed by the shalih
  • Sharia tahajud can reject a disease that comes to us
  • Tahrud prayer is a blessed prayer
  • Tahrud tahajud is the first and the first sunnah prayer
  • When we perform tahajud prayer, Insha Allah will be our prayer can be granted by Him
  • Sholat thaa jud can remove and prevent sin

Thus the explanation of the manner of tahajud prayer along with prayer readings and also its virtues can be useful to us.

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