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The meaning of the word repent in the language is to return, while the meaning of the term in repentance is to return to the Shariah prescribed by Allah Almighty. Repentance can be done by acknowledging all past wrongs and regrets of having committed such acts, and must be determined never to commit the same sins again.

Every human being must be free from sin. Because Allah Almighty is the creator of the universe and its contents are Merciful and Most Merciful, if the people want to repent sincerely Allah Almighty will accept it again.

Sunnah prayer of repentance is a serious form that a servant of Allah wants to repent deeply,

The Prayer Procedure of Repentance

 The Procedure of Prayer of Repentance

The procedure of performing the prayer is not very different from the obligatory prayers or other sunnah prayers. It's just that there are slight differences in intent, reading, and working time. The prayer of repentance is 2 rakaat, 4 rakaat and 6 rakaat.

The conditions that must be fulfilled before performing the prayer of repentance are the same as obligatory prayer. The following are the procedures for prayer of repentance:

  1. Reading intention
  2. Takbiratul ihram then folding his hands under his chest or stomach ( first rakaat )
  3. Reading iftitaf (sunnah)
  4. Reading Al -Fatihah
  5. Reads the Qur'anic verse
  6. Plead with prayer and recites his prayer
  7. Rises from prayer (I'tidal) with prayer and recites his prayers
  8. Prays with prayer then recited his prayer
  9. Sitting between two prostrated prayers and reciting his prayers
  10. Second prostration with prayer and reciting his prayers
  11. Standing up and folding his arms again ( second hand )
  12. Reading the Al-Fatihah
  13. Reading the Qur'anic verse
  14. Doing prayer in prayer and reading its prayer
  15. Rising from the bow (I'tidal) with prayer and reading its prayer
  16. 'ninah then read his prayer
  17. Sitting between two prostrated with the people 'ninah then read his prayer
  18. Second prayer with prayer and read his prayer
  19. The final prayer
  20. Ended greetings

After the penitent prayer prayer and pray for forgiveness of any sin that has been committed, surrender to God , confess all sinful acts, and promise with a sincere heart that you will never make the same mistake again.

Lafazh Prayer of Repentance

The scholars hold that the intention should be implanted in the heart. Therefore, the requirement to pronounce the intention from the mouth is not a mandatory task. This applies to all the intentions that we normally carry out in each of our activities.

However, according to Shaykh Wahbah Az Zuhaili has the view that Most scholars except the sect of Maliki indeed agree that the intention should be at

According to the Maliki sect such an intention must not be uttered because it is not in the habit of the Messenger of Allah.

The prayer of repentance prayer:

 The prayer of repentance prayer

The prayer of repentance prayer

After performing the prayer of penitent repentance, surrender, surrender to God and ask forgiveness for sins during this time

Some of the prayers that may be read after the prayer of repentance are:

1. Do'a Sayyidul Merit

Do'a is the best and most honorable mention. Read this prayer by seeking God's forgiveness for the sins we have committed and hoping for our repentance.

The following is the reading of the prayer of merit:

 The prayer of the prayer of merit

2. The Prayer of the Prophet Adam

Read the prayer of merit that was read by Adam and Eve in the prayer of repentance when they disobeyed God's command.

Here is the reading of his prayer:

 The Prayer of Repentance - The Prayer of Prophet Muhammad

3.The Prayer of the Messenger of Allah

The recitation of this prayer is said to be the prayer of the Prophet's Messenger because he always recited the prayer This is a prayer prayer of repentance and recitation of it in the assembly. The prayer of penitent prayer can be done at any time differently from the obligatory prayer of the obligatory prayer.

From the point of view of the scholars, the practice of penitent prayer was better in the last third of the night than in the practice of tahajjud prayer. ] But shoat repentance does not have to be done at night, nor can it be done during the day. But not all the time can be done. There are some times that are not allowed to perform the prayer of repentance:

  1. From dawn to dawn
  2. When sun rises to midday
  3. When sun appears just in the middle to incline
  4. Between hours of ashar prayer until the sun goes down
  5. When the sun goes down and the sun goes down completely

The Priority of the Prayer of Repentance

Indeed, God loves those who truly repent. In the chapter At-Tahrim verse 8 explains that "Those who repent to Allah are penance (ie true repentance). May Allah cover all your transgressions and sins and God will bring you into His flowing river. "

God's Word in the Qur'an surah Al-Baqarah 2:22 explains that" Allah loves His repentant servant. and purify himself from the sins / sins of sin. " The benefit of the prayer of repentance is to wash away our sins.

Woe to those who have sinned but do not repent and seek forgiveness for their sins. In the hereafter there will be remorse.

In addition to forgiving and expecting the sin to be abolished, by performing the prayer of repentance there are many other benefits that we will receive:

  1. Forgiveness of his sins by Allah Almighty
  2. Entered into heaven Alah SWT
  3. Beloved and loved by God for repentance
  4. Will be prayed by the malikatsholatsho

That is the explanation of the prayer procedure complete repentance from intention, reading, prayer time to prayer prayer priority. I hope the above article is useful and easy to apply!


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