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Intel Comet Lake Support Appears To Be In Good Shape With Linux 5.2


Intel “Comet Lake” CPUs look like they will be well supported when running on the in-development Linux 5.2 kernel or later.

Intel Comet Lake is the yet-to-launch successor to Coffee Lake / Whiskey Lake and, yes, yet another 14nm product and Gen 9 graphics. Comet Lake CPUs are rumored to be launched around the middle of the year and reportedly up to 10 physical cores. The most recent rumor is that Comet Lake CPUs will require a new motherboard/socket, but so far there haven’t been any apparent Linux kernel commits confirming that fact.

The Comet Lake support we’ve been seeing merged over the past week and a half have pretty much been adding new PCI IDs, tacking on to the existing Intel *lake support. The Comet Lake support hitting the tree for Linux 5.2 so far has been the DRM graphics driver support for the Gen9 graphics and additions to the SPI, intel_th, ALSA/sound HDA audio driver, and intel-ish-hid drivers. Back during Linux 5.1, Comet Lake PCI IDs were added for USB support.

So at this stage it’s looking like Intel Comet Lake systems should end up running nicely on Linux 5.2+. Of course, once Comet Lake actually launches we’ll be able to properly confirm that’s the case with no caveats in support and seeing how the Linux performance is stacking up.


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