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iMyFone AnyRecover, 98% Trusted to Save Lost Photos, Videos and Other Data

iMyFone AnyRecover – One of the tools Hard Drive Recovery released by iMyFone that we can use to restore our lost data. Often we need to return our old data that has been deleted for a purpose. But we are confused about how to restore the lost data. With AnyRecover we can search and restore lost data with an accuracy of up to 98%.

Saving Lost Data for Many Factors

There are so many factors that cause our data to be deleted or lost permanently, for example when we delete files using "Shift + Del" button, Hard Drive formatted, Hard Drive damaged and so on. Thus, are the data really missing? So that it can no longer be returned? I think the data is not really lost, especially if we are helped by software AnyRecover which is very reliable to restore lost data.

As I mentioned above, there are many factors that cause data lost. Then what factors cause data to be lost and can be overcome by software [1945910] AnyRecover ?

  1. Files deleted accidentally, lost or even changed. Included when the file is deleted with "Shift + Del"
  2. Can restore lost data if the operating system crashes during an update or reinstall.
  3. Can restore files that have been deleted from the recycle bin.
  4. Can restore files from formatted hard drive.
  5. Can retrieve files from a damaged hard drive.
  6. Can restore lost data due to partition errors, it can be due to formatting, repartitioning, erasing partitions, etc.
  7. Can restore file affected by a virus
  8. Restoring data from a raw partition that cannot be accessed.

Restoring Data from Various Storage Media

Currently storage media on computers is not just hard disks, we are still often store data on flashdisk, micro sd and so on. With AnyRecover it gives us hope to restore lost data from various storage media, such as:

  • Laptop & PC
  • External Hard Drive [FlashDrive
  • Mobile Phone
  • SD / XD / CF Card
  • SSD / HDD
  • Digital Camera
  • Music / Video Player

Various File Types

When talking about various file types, there are very many file types on a computer. Starting from documents, music, video, image, audio and much more. AnyRecover can help us to restore data with various file types. So we don't need to worry anymore when doing hard drive recovery.

What Makes AnyRecover We Can Rely on?

In my opinion, this software has many advantages compared to other software. Below are some advantages of AnyRecover:

  • Deep Scan
    Software does not only scan files that are visible or that we can still reach, further than that, this software can scan up to the hardest part of the hard drive so that deleted files can still be found and can be returned. Because the files on the deleted or formatted computer are not really missing, there are still traces that can still be tracked, and this software can reach that
  • Preview Available
    This Recovery Software can provide a preview of data found so that we can still determine which files we will take and the rest are left.
  • Unlimited Data
    There is no limit to the data that can be managed by this software. No matter how much data we have, we still have hope to return all lost data.
  • No Data Loss
    Almost no data is passed in the scanning process. So that all data that has been entered into storage will still be searchable and saved.
  • Risk-Free
    When we use this software in order to recover, we do not need to worry about various risks such as damaging existing data , damage storage media and others.
  • Privacy Protected
    Privacy security is maintained. This software does not reach the realm of our privacy.

Download iMyFone AnyRecover

You can download the AnyRecover software at the link below.

Download iMyFone AnyRecovery

If you want a free license please contact us [19659046].

Noted: We have agreed with the party iMyFone to "give 3 free licenses to readers of this blog". Terms and conditions apply.


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