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Imagine 128 & Matrox Linux X.Org Display Drivers See Updates For The 2018 Holidays

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If you happen to have any Number Nine Imagine 128 or Matrox graphics cards sitting around, there are new Linux X.Org display driver updates out this weekend for these vintage parts.

Should you have an Imagine 128 PCI graphics card still around, the xf86-video-i128 driver has been updated. This new open-source X.Org display driver update has just some compiler/build updates but nothing too exciting unless you just enjoying reminiscing over old display hardware.

Also out is the xf86-video-mga 2.0.0 driver for Matrox graphics hardware. At least here the hardware is slightly newer and a bit more relevant with Matrox chips being found on some workstation boards. This Matrox X.Org driver is working the best on G200/G400/G450 hardware while some other hardware like the Matrix Millennium and G550 are borked. This first update to the Matrox driver in years has a number of fixes, support for the G200EH3 device, and other minor alterations.

Kevin Brace who got involved in the open-source Linux graphics drivers through starting with the OpenChrome driver for VIA hardware is the one who released these X.Org open-source DDX updates. He also has been working on reviving the ATI Rage Linux driver and earlier this release issued the updated Intel740 driver.


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