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How to Write an SEO Friendly Latest Google Algorithm Article

Writing Articles SEO Friendly The Latest Google Algorithm ~ Haalo blogger friends wherever you are, usually the admin is good at the method will give a little information on how to write a friendly article that is friendly to search engines. this but as the admin said in the previous article it is an old technique from the algorithm google you can read the article below

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for the latest Google algorithm update there are a lot of things we have to do, and there are many things we have to avoid. If the previous algorithm focuses on a website optimization technique, then this 2018 optimization is an optimization that is only focused on articles.

If you are still confused about how to plant keywords or who are eager to enter the page ama google, by using the short tail keyword technique, can read the article here:

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Okay buddy before we get into the real topic of discussion it's good we understand a little about what happens in 2018 regarding SEO, here is a brief review

Things you have to do in this 2018 algorithm

Google days are getting closer to human behavior. I have explained many times, try to do a little analysis to take the final goal. the key to success on the first page is to imagine if you were a google programmer who was assigned to rank a website page.

  • what should you do ?? ….
  • what technique do you use ?? ….
  • What rules do you have to make ?? ….
  • Who can appear on the main page ?? …
  • How do you present the best article ?? …

Regarding the statement above is a series of keys for the website to successfully occupy the best page of SERP. when you find the answer you are the luckiest person in the world.

Things to do in 2018 are SEO Friendly Article Writing techniques, because Google's latest algorithm is more concerned with content than optimization techniques so the most important thing is to write articles with some basic rules to be more friendly to search engines.

Things to avoid

Stop for a moment to think about what has been your inhibiting factor to appear on the first page of google. some things you should avoid even have to be removed from the habit of blogging in the previous year.

  • stop looking for backlinks
  • do not use other blackhat techniques to try to make the website appear on the SERP page
  • stop using fraudulent methods that violate search engine rules [19659012] do not ever copy other people's writing (copy-paste)

Google is getting more observant about spam. once spam is detected within seconds your blog will be kicked from the SERP page. I have proved this matter especially on this blog. the intention is only to find a backlink of the value of metric DA and PA which is very high. As a result, this blog did not even rise in rank, instead it was lost from search.

In addition, I also put some of the same sentences and statements, scripts or codes can be considered only 3 lines,

but the article did not go out of search this is how hard this competition is in 2018. all filtered to true all who appear on the page are UNIQUE and PURE .

Article Writing SEO Friendly Is Very Easy

SEO friendly article writing can be said to write articles with the right rules and rules for search engines . then what are the rules of the rule ?? let's see the following points

1. Put the Keyword Focus in the Title

In order for our blog to be easily translated by spider crawl we must put the focus keyword that is the first time in the title. to determine where the contents of the article will lead to where we have to run it in the title first. This focus keyword is very important, so that your posts are more focused, and want very much when people search for articles related / relevant to the content you make. then the main thing is the focus keyword in the title.

2. Enter the main keyword in the first paragraph

the first paragraph in the blog or website is translated before the space mark. If the sentence continues to connect until the end of the sentence has a space mark, then this is the end of the first paragraph. in this case my main keyword is "1945 seo friendly". in the writing I made you can see in the first paragraph I insert the main keyword.

 write articles seo friendly "border =" 0 " data-original-height = "437" data-original / write%2Bartikel%2Bseo%2Bfriendly.png "title =" write an article seo friendly "width =" 400 "/> </a> </div>
<b> 3. Fill in the Meta Description / description of the search with the keyword </b></h3>
<p> Meta Description or commonly referred to as the search description is a brief description of the description of the contents of the article that we made. This meta description is useful for conveying the contents or outline of the article or it can also be called an article summary which later this description will be displayed in the search engine. so the level of relevance of the content contained in this meta description is very calculated by Google. because if you want a search engine it's easier to find articles and content that you create, put focus keywords in it. </p>
<div class=  Fill in the Meta Description / Description of the search with the keyword "border =" 0 "data-original-height =" 134 "data-original- width = "614" height = "138" src = "https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-SAl8LPjcZqE/W27JbJZf5tI/AAAAAAAADs0/oLhc3YDQdKobRxbNrDMQw_1P5-OvkYMkQCLcBGAs/s640/Isi%2BMeta%2BDescription%2Bwith%2Bkeyword.png" title = "Fill in the Meta Description / Description of the search with the keyword" width = "640" /> </a> </div>
<b> 4. note the length of the meta description </b></h3>
<p> if you make this meta description you should pay attention to the length of the word and the character of the text. My advice is to make a meta description, don't be too long, but don't be too short. ideally the number of words contained in the meta description is 20 words while the text characters range from 130-150 words. if it is too long to make it, the search column will be automatically deducted with a period. use the word check tool <b><a href= HERE .

5. Put the Main Keyword on one of the Heading or SubHeading

Heading and Sub heading is one of the structure or composition of the writing. If you install a table of content script then every article that has a good structure will produce a good number of contents. In this case I put the main keyword only on Heading (H2) whereas I did not put in the subheading because the minimum keyword planting is one of the heading titles must be placed. Look at the picture below.

 how to write articles seo friendly "border =" 0 "data -original-height = "307" data-original-width = "599" height = "205" src = "https: 2B writes% 2Barticles% 2Bseo% 2Bfriendly.png "title =" how to write articles seo friendly "width =" 400 "/> </a> </div>
<b> 6. Fill in one of the ALT (attributes) in the image with the main keyword </b></h3>
<p> if there are many images in the content fill in at least one alt text image with the main focus keyword. make it a habit to take a screenshot or download an image give the image with a title that supports the main keyword. Don't get used to giving it an arbitrary name like untitled-1, image-1 or the other. images that have titles with images that are titled in a random manner have a different effect on search engines, images that are given titles are easier to find, than those that don't. </p>
<b> 7. Write content of at least 300 words. </b></h3>
<p> in writing content try to write at least 300 words. the more the better. content that has a word density is more rich in keywords. the opportunity to display it with any keyword digoogle will be bigger. because maybe you often see blog posts that have more content if typed with any keywords that run a bit from the main title will still be displayed on page one of google. </p>
<b> 8. Give outbounds links in your article. </b></h3>
<p> Outbound links are very important for SEO Friendly Article Writing. this is very closely related to SEO. Have you ever seen the article presented by <b><a href= WIKIPEDIA . there are lots of outbound links (outbound links to other websites). the purpose of this outbound link is none other than a recommendation or reading reference. the more references to a reading, it is certain that it will produce articles with reliable and accurate data sources.

9. Don't Forget To Include Internal Links

Internal links are also important for our blog continuity. for those of you who have similar articles or have reference articles that you have discussed before, don't be lazy to make internal links, this makes it easier for readers to get a more complete explanation about a topic of discussion in this case. I just put 2 internal links, because my article the labeled seo is not too much, and the previous articles that I have published are outdated and can no longer be used. I put the internal link as follows:

Okay, friend, so is a tutorial on how to write SEO friendly articles, hopefully this information can help you, actually there are many more about writing techniques to be friendly to search engines, but I think this article is sufficient here, we will discuss the others in the next post and thank you: D


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