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How to Watch Movies on Netflix Offline / Without Internet Connection

As one of the latest features of Netflix now Netflix users are able to watch movies offline alias without the need to use internet connection to watch on netflix, this feature is already available on iOS and Android devices. The offline feature will not incur additional charges to users, all Netflix customers can now store the movie on iOS and Android devices, and can be watched anywhere without the need to use an internet connection. So now you do not need to worry again with internet connection. Then how to watch on Netflix offline? here are the steps:

1. Update your Netflix Application to the latest version.

On Apps Store / Google Play Go to the Update section and check for new updates for the Netflix app. For iOS users at least already version 9.0.0, and for Android users, at least Version 4.12.0.


2. Look at the sidebar section of the Netflix Application

You will see two new features in the sidebar notification:

My Downloads : Movies you've downloaded

Available for Download : Movies available for your download

In the Available to Download section, select the movie or show you want to watch offline. Once you click on the movie / show you want to download, then click on the download icon to the right of the description

And after that the icon will change color to indicate you are downloading something. You will also see a download bar at the bottom of your device. If you click on that bar, it will take you to the Movie section you have downloaded on Netflix.


By default, all files are in- download in Standard quality. So if you want to watch with high quality make sure your device memory also has available space, because the higher the quality of the movie you watch the greater the file download. The default of a downloaded file in netflix is ​​100MB.

Quite easy is not it?


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