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How To Verify Paypal Account With Bank Mandiri etc.

This trick can not be used because netteler is not providing vcc service in the country of indonesia. How to Verify paypal account with independent bank, ok now I will share your experience on how to verify your paypal account so as not to get with the withdraw limit, when you just use your paypal account you may be made complicated because with this limit you almost can not make transactions using your paypal account

to overcome this problem you have to verify using credit card for your paypal account can be used with full service. but what if you do not have a credit card, well the solution you can use the way that I do so that your account can be used to receive, send and withdraw money in your paypal account.

ok now how is it?

for the use of independent banks, cimb and btn if not wrong, its principal on his card atm his visa information. you can use the visa facility to get a pre paid card in netteler service, yes i will use third party help to help me verify my paypal account, because that's the only way I know to verify paypal for those who do not have credit card

 how to verify paypal account

what are the advantages of this netteler card

  1. netteler can be used to perform any online payers who accept payment with the card master card. whatever it is.
  2. netteler gives us a physical card master card (on condition that I will discuss later) and vcc to facilitate our payment
  3. and netteler can also be a source of our paypal account ?
  4. made to verify paypal account ?

nah therefore I use this service and alhamdulilah I am very satisfied with its service

for terms and ketentuanya you can read – read yourself by googling or in their faq. [19659003] ok just deh i will start the tutorial prepare a spare time y ya long ya. hehe

How to verify paypal account with bank

before we verify your paypal account all you have to do is to create a netteler account first, then you can use the account to verify your paypal account

to start this material you have to prepare is.

  1. ktp / sim and scan ktp / sim or in poto aja let me easy, but must be clear y
  2. self debit card / btn / cimb
  3. hp active with the number that has been registered in the bank first.
  4. the email you want to use
  5. and money approximately 100 rb in your bank balance

nah if the material dah complete you now we can start a direct execution.

Create a netteler account for paypal verification

You set up your internet connection now y do not use proxy, vpn or ssh, use the ordinary internet service with local ip to not ngaco later ?

  1. first step you register in accordance with the name and address in your bank HERE
  2. after that you fill in accordance with the identity ktp remember to be appropriate. because later will be used to verify his account. the contents of his password must have numbers, letters and capital letters y, as safe as possible deh and his currency pake usd.  way off limit paypal
  3. after finishing fill you click join now . if there is no problem later you will go to a page like this and you just open your email and confirm. in your email  how to create account netteler
  4. you save netteler number secure id in notepad then save for your needs later, after that you immediately wrote Go to my account
  5. after which you will be directed to your account dashboard and you click verifying your account .
  6. later you will be directed to your verification id page  verifying netteler account
  7. nah you choose tuh what type document want identity card aka ktp or driver license alias sim. if you already fill tuh ktp number or your sim and expire but if the new ktp does not have expire y the age of life so click no expire date no expiry date ngilaning expire date. if the taste already complete click continue
  8. later after it is directed to a new page and click aja start verification, then select our country Indonesia and click on the identity card or sim that had you input first. kalo udah right it will show up upload ktp and sim like this.  verify the latest paypal account
  9. if it appears that page you click choose file and later you browse tuh folder where your ktp or sim scan is located. wait until upload appears and the person's photo changed to your ktp photo.
  10. last step click continue . wait until later his page moved to your dettbord account netteler page. and wait if lucky cuman 5 minutes. but if bad luck can ampe 2 days .. ahahah. so upload the ktp it is clear let cepet verifikasi it
  11. if it is settled later verification will be changed from unverified to verified  verifkasi successful account

nah after you successfully verify the account still many stages you should do ?

add funds to the account netteler, benerin security and verify paypal: D.

How to add money to netteler account with atm

now you will add funds to his account to make use shopping or in use verifkasi paypal later ok.

  • first your bank account must have a minimum balance of 100 thousand for jaga2 first I got 71 thousand, its value dependent curency idr to $ so can change2. if you are sure you can start the tutorial
  • on your dashboard page click on the menu money in the right list menu, then you click on the debit visa, or visa electron (my own case use debit visa but people else use electron visa also succeed, to further follow the tutorial you select the debit visa aja samain: D)
  • after that you will be diverted to the detail form that you have to fill.  how to verify paypal
  • amount is dollar amount you must fill minmal 5 $ and maximum 250 $ its contents is up to you if you want to have mastercard physical card its contents 15 $ aja. but if you do not want and want to verify paypal content 5 $ aja
  • and the other is the detail of your self-debit card. fill in according to your card.
  • for your security code see behind the card is the last 3 digits of your card. the contents are the date and the card number is in front of it
  • if you are sure to write all the details of it, you prepare your hp that already active with the number that is registered on your bank account
  • direct click continue then it will change to the reset page and usually there will be seen additional cost taken by netteler to add money to the balance of his netteler ane first hell 0.25 $ kalo nambah his 5 $. but may be different
  • now sekrang when you click continue again if the sense of detail is correct and see your phone later visa will send OTP code to your phone no. the code is only active for 5 minutes aja kalo not exist or failed you can repeat again.  verification code otp
  • nah otp code in the input there y. if already in inputkan click ok button will be directly back again to the dashboard of his netteler account
  • and his balance does not go directly so wait aja 5 minutes if not wrong new deh balance adds

ok after the balance goes in, you now to the settings and click on security there you have to make security question or activate additional security to secure your account, for perfect account verification

There are 2 steps you need to do to activate the security of your netteler account.

  1. you just make account security question that you must finish because for your own account security if its unlucky your account hit someone else.
  2. second choice is to activate security 2 step which located in security, if not you activate this step later when your login will be posted to include an answer from one of the security questions you set before it at the time of account verification. but if you want to activate security 2 step which I also do you will in order to download apps in store according to your hp and only 3 opreasi system which is allowed bb, android and ios. after you download the application later you are in order to scan the barcode and enter the pin that appears in the application google authentication, and after the sync then every time you login will be asked to enter the pin in accordance with the existing application. if you are less clear please explain more on the official site netteler HERE .

Well after your account is actively perfect and there is balance now your account can be spend for your shopping online that accepts payments through netteler account this

and certainly can be used for verify paypal, actually with this netteler account we do not need anymore paypal but if you often shop online at online stores are still doubting the level of keamaanan it would be nice you use paypal for data (19659000) How to verify paypal account using vcc netteler

This way is actually prohibited by its paypal because it is difficult to proof verify the account later if one day your paypal account is subject to limit. because paypal usually ask for proof scan his credit card. and whereas we do not have his credit card. but I've managed to remove the limit that asks for credit card data that I use in the article before it I've created HERE .

but for a while you can follow my way by using vcc to verify paypal account you

step – step verify paypal account

  1. you click link THIS . then click the Get Verified
  2. now you follow the next command and select a credit card, until you enter the credit card data enter it
  3. after you get to the new step you open tuh deh your netteler account. and click on the net + cards menu, and click on the virtual card menu. and you will get free vcc from netteler for new account first fill the name of the card and its limit from 3 until 10000 $.  how to verify paypal
  4. if you have already click go account since my account is already in use his free vcc so there is a writing fee of his $ 3 but you write it will be free. because the first time using it /
  5. later after that your vcc data will appear on the right and there is info you must enter paypal before that is, card number, expiration date and 3-digit security code.
  6. that you input on your paypal account after you input and confirm. there will be a bill report from the paypal to your card and you can see it in the account menu and there will be a confirmation code paypal you must inputkan in your account. his example  the paypal verification code
  7. that you input is 4 numbers before the CODE entry on your transaction statement. and paypal will attract the balance as many as listed. and remember the input of code in your report do not have me .. hehe
  8. after that you click what button so on its paypal menu will also appear successful writing
  9. and after that your paypal account limit will be lost and you can withdraw money you are in paypal to the local bank account.
  10. finished deh ?

how can you verify its length. Hehehe. fair is complicated ribet also wong is the urusanya with money ya must be safe and complicated lah.

well then the funds in the attraction by paypal of 1.49 $ will be returned again as you see above in my account example. the repayment takes 3 days if I

and after your account verify like this you will not be confused again looking for ways to shop abroad you simply add funds in money in and use your debit card again to add funds to account netteler appropriate with your needs and after entering then you will immediately be able to use again vcc or through his paypal account to pay for your shopping results in any store

nah but your debit card dilimit 250 $ to add funds from your debit account to netteler , because your debit card has not been verified.

how to verify your debit card to lose the limit?

How to verify debit card in netteler

  1. You must come to your bank's branch office. my example to the independent bank.
  2. after that you ask for your full name please on your debit card in front of you continue to ask for print rekenening newspapers for the last 3 months (I only cuman last week because I am a lot of transactions online). [19659009] later both data is scanned or in poto but must be good and clear
  3. after the scan, specially for the card number on your debit card delete or block the first 4 numbers and last 4 digits. (19459063)
  4. Well after that edit jg tuh checking account, there is no tuh card number samain jg ngedit his cuman appeared 8 his middle number aja. already so other doank let alone, because I sempet failed gara2 I block my transactions in the checking account. hehe.
  5. and if the photo edits already sorted according to what I tell you is a photo of debit card in the block 4 digits front and back and the same bank account in edit let plasticity appear its 8 front number only. then the next step is you send via email to this email. [email protected]
  6. In his email says a manual card validation request. and tell me if you do not receive your account verification code in its account transactions report. and ask to manually verify the card and include the edited photo. after that send deh
  7. later usually his friend cs ask again photo card again but now his photo on the block 8 points in the middle and 4 digits ahead and 4 digit behind it in biarin plasticity. probably to make sure the numbers are correct
  8. and after that if there is no obstacle then your card will be off its limit. and can add a fairly large funds to your netteler account.

how already clear how to verify its netteler card. if you have not read again slowly and relaxed and immediately praktekan let kagak confused. hehehe

additionally, if you want to have a prepaid card of his physical master card sent directly from the UK. you can request it in a way you have a minimum balance of $ 13 to ask to send his mastercard card to the address listed in netteler account. and the active period of vcc and the card is as much as 3 years. kalo've abis active period does not know how much it costs to ask again extend the card. (19659003) Conclusion

you can verify your paypal account using your local bank account by using the help of a third party that is netteler to get his prepaid card to verify paypal account and become a source of funds for your paypal account.

19659003] so many posts from me mudah2an you helped with this article I was discussing about how to verify paypal account with local bank and its special independence

do not forget to share his article, thanks.


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