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How to Use Threads from Instagram- Download APK

If one looks at Facebook’s purchase list, then there are quite a few apps that it could be proud of, most noticeable Instagram and WhatsApp. But one thing that will forever haunt them is the failed bid to purchase the popular snap sharing app- Snapchat. Or so it seemed. Taking matters into its own hand, it seems now one of Facebook’s subsets, Instagram, has launched a direct attack on Snapchat with the launch of its Thread app. Download the Threads from Instagram APK from below.

The app lets you have a constant, intimate sharing between your close friends. From sharing your current location to the device’s battery life, all this could be shared in a more stylish and curated manner. You could further add typical text, photo, and video messages using Instagram’s creative tools. All this could be sent just by a single tap on your friend’s profile pic- similar to sending snaps on Snapchat. Read on below to know more about this app. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out how you can add music to your Instagram stories independent of your region.

Threads from Instagram

Two years back, Instagram had tried to dethrone Snapchat via its Direct app. But the main issue was that it was made as a standalone app and hence it never became successful. So Instagram decided to integrate into its app itself. This time Instagram has again decided to follow a pretty similar route. The new “camera-first” messaging app allows you to directly share snaps, videos, messages, Stories, etc with your Instagram close friends list, just with a single tap. Moreover, it has tons of Auto-Status to chose from like On the move, At the cinema, In the wild, etc. More about them later in this guide.

instagram threads

To avoid any confusion, the chat section of Threads and Instagram app’s Direct section are integrated. So any message that you receive on the former, will be visible and could be replied through the latter and vice versa. Likewise, it also allows you to send snaps in three different modes- View Once, Replay and Keep in Chat. The third option will let the sent snap be present forever in the Direct Message or Thread section. Whereas the View Once and Replay will allow the recipient to view only once or twice the sent media, respectively.

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How to Use Threads from Instagram

  1. First of all head over to Google Play Store and download the Threads app | Threads from Instagram-
  2. In the bottom, you could see your primary account. If you wish to continue using the same, just tap on Continue as <username>. However, if you wish to use any other account, tap on Switch Accounts. Then log in to your preferred account.
  3. In the next section, you will have to Pick your close friends. This section is curated using Instagram’s close friend’s list. If you haven’t added anyone yet, then it will show you the accounts with whom you chat most frequently.Setup threads
  4. You may now customize your camera if you prefer, or tap on Skip to leave it as it. The Customize Camera feature allows you to adjust the position of the default camera and your close friends profile pictures (which you may directly tap on to send snaps).
  5. Next, you will have to choose your status using Threads’ Auto-Status feature. Just select your desired status and tap on OK in the confirmation dialog box. That’s it you are all set to use Instagram’s newly launched Threads app.

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The Auto-Status feature

auto status in instagram threads

Among the various interesting features that Instagram’s thread app has to offer, one is the Auto Status feature. This feature will automatically be able to decide what you are currently up to and will set the status accordingly. For example, when you stay at the same place every night for a few nights, it will recognize the place as your home. Hence the status will be At Home. Or if you reach near any restaurant, your status will change to Out to eat. Obviously, for this to work, you will have to grant the app location permissions. Another point worth discussing is that any status that you (or Instagram) puts up, it will only be visible to your closed friends.

Customizing Threads

threads app settings

Instagram seems to have done a pretty decent job regarding the UI of the Threads app. It has also added various customization options. Just open the Instagram’s Thread app and tap on three horizontal lines present at the top left. There you will various options to customize the app as per your preference. From modifying your close friend’s list to changing your status or customizing the camera, all and this more could be done from this menu itself. One feature that would be loved by one and all is the Themes section. This section has tons of new themes, including everyone’s favorite Instagram’s Dark Mode (called Twilight).

One thing that might work against Instagram is the fact that most of these features are already present in the Instagram app itself. So will the user consider downloading an extra app, just to save a few more clicks? Well, only time will tell. In the meantime, do let us know what do you think of Instagram’s newly launched Threads app and is it worth a shot?

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